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  1. Molly says:

    Great intro in you and this blog. I hate it when I come across established blogs and they don’t have something like this. This is well written and makes me want to come back and pick up this blog again.


  2. Twiggy Tom says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog Rori and after reading “Does Your Girlfriend Hate Blow Jobs?”, my mind then wondered who is this Rori? hehe… so well i am a very curious person and once i began to read through your very detailed backdrop of who you are, I feel that i would be struck down by lightening tomorrow if I didn’t at least say how i loved reading the sections that i have read.

    I am actually bi-curious, and I do find it difficult when i am with a guy and they ask for a blow job, for some reason i just cringe, but like a good trooper i just close my eyes and do the deed (yeah probs too much for a rainy thursday) lmao! So reading some of your posts has really helped me to try and enjoy it more.

    Well this is getting rather long (the message that is, no puns intended) so i will look around some more and be sure to hear from again very soon (:

    oh and my name “Twiggy Tom” its a nickname that my friend gave me and i rather like it lol.

    Tom (:

  3. Stu says:

    I’m so glad to have found your blog! Looking forward to following you.

  4. Biddrohi says:

    Hey Rori,

    Awesome intro there. Loved it totally :)

    Its got style & flavour – things that come from a great writer. Btw, I am setting up this activist porn concept blog: https://nognoporjatontor.wordpress.com

    Its new here where I am – Bangladesh. Wat are ur thoughts on this? leme knw

    Cheers :)

  5. Kat Bryant says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog. It has been quite inspirational. I love seeing new thought and ideas, with some really…juicy stories.

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  6. Johnney says:

    Hey Rori,
    Thanks for sharing your history. Now I know where you’re coming from. I can’t wait to read about your bdsm lifestyle. I have been so curious to try it but haven’t found the right partner yet. I’m looking for a strong Dom. I so want to submit. Anyway, a hunting I will go to learn more from you.

  7. kinquie says:

    Hi Rori,

    I discovered your blog through rebelsnotes.com [whom I like to nominate for the sexblog of the year]. I read your introduction and I’m inmdiately fond of your blog and your writing. I’m to read a lot more of you and will look around on your blog quite a few times. Let me briefly introduce myself. My nickname is Kinquie, I’m a 57 yo man from Holland with a passion for the good life in general and tv/bdsm especially. I also keep a website, http://www.zwartenrood.nl (black-and-red)om which I publish my writings, facts & fiction, and a lot of (stylish) photographs. There will not be much to read for you, I guess, for most of the texts are in Dutch. But, of course you’re welcome. So, you will find me every now and than on your blog and leave some comments. Nice to be here. Kindest regards, Kinquie.
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    • Rori says:

      Thanks for reading, Kinquie!!!! I don’t speak Dutch unfortunately, but I’ll keep my eyes open for anything English and I definitely hope to see you around here on Between My Sheets. :)

  8. Dan says:

    Your’s is one of my top five sex blogs and I check yours each week as you are:
    a)honest, tell your story
    b) great content and new stuff ea wk; and why I look each week
    c) great writing and great topics
    d) I learn stuff here!
    I’m thinking/planning to start a SexLoveandGodBlog this year as an older married guy interested in spirituality, kink, sex, relationships. Yet I notice 80% of sex blogs are (wonderfully so) written by women; and younger women.
    What of the older demographic? I read 10 blogs, Joan Price is one. What of the married and non poly yet kink friendly demo? And are you 20ish or 30ish or 40ish? And does it even matter?
    Love your stuff; and I try to comment when I can; good blogging Karma, no?

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