97 Responses to “Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011”

  1. I’ve been checking your site today in hopes the list would be published. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it, Rori. I am so honored to be no the list again. Thank you to everyone who nominated us. I am very proud of our blog. (Journey to the Darkside)

    padme amidala

  2. Violet+Rye says:

    Thanks for including us on your list! Flattered to be among such lovely writers.


  3. Dick of Dick-n-Jane.com says:

    This is a fantastic list. The promotion service you do for your fellow bloggers is extraordinary, we can’t thank you enough!

    Great job Rori!

  4. Jilly Boyd says:

    Nice to see so many lovely people on the list! Just thought I’d add my little blog here. 9 months and 1 day of blogging :)


    Oh, and I’m @JillyBoyd on Twitter :)

  5. Dusk says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this year’s list! It’s a huge honor :D

  6. David says:

    I am blown away to be included in your Top 100 Sex Bloggers List.
    Thank you very much. You have given me so many new writers to check out and follow.
    Thanks again, I am humbled.

  7. Bre says:

    Wow, thanks so much for including me in your list! I’m so excited! Thank you and your judges for all the hard work you put into this, and for any of my readers that may have nominated me! ^_^


  8. OMG I won something! Thanks so much, and congrats to the other 99!

  9. Karen Blue says:

    Yeah! I am so stoked I made the list! Thanks to everyone that voted for KissinBlueKaren! Is it a hot coincidence that I got #69? I love it!

  10. justareader39 says:

    Lots there I haven’t heard of or read. Thanks! This list will keep me busy for a while!

  11. oatmeal girl says:

    Thank you.
    It’s an honor.
    And to be listed right after Joan Price!
    That means a lot.

    The sadist is pleased, too…


  12. nilla says:

    HI Rori!

    Thanks for another year of a great list of bloggers. Can i say that i am absolutely thrilled to have a place on here?

    i’ll be excited to start exploring all the other blogs listed here…kudos to you as i know you do all this reading yourself…it’s a HUGE undertaking, and i’m amazed you’ve been doing it for 4 years now!

    Happy Dancing here!!


  13. aisha says:

    Woohoo! I can’t believe I made the list! Thanks so much ~ for all the work you do to make this happen, and for liking my blog!!


  14. viemoira says:

    W00T! Thanks to all those who mentioned the Cavern! :)

  15. sin says:

    Thanks – I’m thrilled to be on the list. And I can’t wait to skim through some of the other recommendations.

  16. scott Kelly says:

    Hi Rori,

    It’s interesting how vast the blogosphere has gotten. Many great blogs here but also many others conspicuously absent. Lots of blogs that I’ve never heard of and that I look forward to getting acquainted with.

    Stop by Mrs. Kelly’s when you get a chance.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  17. Arthur says:

    Yay for being on the list! :-) … awesome effort for collating all the twitter handles. Feel free to add ours too – @lustandconfused :-)

    Not sure I’ll get to trying all these before December with my personal blogging challenge for Nov ongoing though. Looking forward to finding some new ones then though.

  18. Rori,


    I can’t believe I made it….and boy, what a great list!

    Thank you so much for creating this awesomely amazing opportunity for us bloggers.

    Love and hugs,

  19. Jason Stotts says:

    I’m very excited to be included on a list with such other good bloggers! Thanks to Rori for going through all the effort of putting this together.

  20. Thanks for taking the time to put together this list, Rori! I feel honored to be in such amazing company.

  21. Violet says:

    Such an honor to be in the midst of such esteemed bloggers – huge thanx for compiling the list

  22. This is really an amazing thing you do and I feel really honoured to have a place on the list.

    Thank you so much, and to who nominated me.

  23. Molly says:

    OMG I made it. I so remember last years list and thinking, wow I wonder if I could ever get my name on here with some of these truly amazing blogs. The answer appears to be yes. I feel a bit tearful to be honest. Thank you Rori, you a total star and this really is a wonderful piece of work you do


    Ps… I have not forgotten about the guest post :)

  24. Thanks for listing me- I’m super chuffed to be there with so many bloggers I love, and some new ones to explore. Yay <3

  25. Daisy Danger says:

    Thank you so much! What an honor to be picked, I’m in some very good company :)

  26. nitebyrd says:

    Riff Dog is gonna be so delighted!

    Thanks for a great list, Rori! Lots of new blogs for me to check out and as always some old favorites.

  27. Found this list via Twitter. My blog is relatively new but hope to expand my writing and be seen by more of you who are award winning bloggers. Congrats to all of you who made the list.

  28. Wow, Rori!
    I am utterly and completely honored to be included in your list with these amazing bloggers.

    Thank you so much! The amount of time and effort on your part to weed through the hundreds of nominations is beyond overwhelming to think about, let alone actually take the time to do.

    You have no idea of the awe I am in… of you.


  29. Guy New York says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! And thank you so much for including us. It’s been a pretty awesome year with so many of our friends supporting us and helping us in every way possible.

    It’s great to see so many friends on the list and so many new faces as well. I can’t wait to find new favorites!

    And, as always, you’re really number one. :D


  30. Oh wow!

    I had to have a double take at my position at No.22! Very honoured and proud that you estimate my blog in such company within the Top 100. Thank you for all your hours spent in judging and collating the list.

    I can’t to delve through all of these new blogs!

    Best wishes,
    LP x

  31. Kat says:

    Thank you! What an honor…and oh so fun!

    I can’t wait to check out all on the list I haven’t read before.

  32. Inferno says:

    Great list Rori. Is a few I have never seen. Can’t wait to have the time to check them out. Thank you for including Miranda & I with The Swingers Attic.

  33. Anal Amy says:

    Wow so honored to be included in the list! I was just stopping by to find more blogs to read and then I stumbled across my name! Thank you!

  34. Cheeky Minx says:

    Thank you so much for hard work and this amazing list, Rori. I’m so chuffed to be among such incredibly talented and delectable writers and photographers.

    I think 19 is my new favourite number… x

  35. I have, of course, linked to this list from my blog. It’s good to be back on the list after my absence last year, which I hoped was temporary. Good show, everyone.

    Rori, I like the way you’ve done this year’s list, with Twitter links for the individual bloggers where appropriate. It gives the list a more personal feel ans shows you’ve done your homework. Thanks for all that, it must have been tough for you ploughing through all those sex blogs.

    Bet it was fun though.

    Oh, and thanks for not putting the adverts in this year too. Last year’s were a bit annoying, I thought.

  36. WOW! I am so glad to have such a valuable resource for these great blogs. I really appreciate this. It’s starred and I have some new blogs to add to my reader!

  37. Oh my!! What a huge honor!
    I have been checking to see if a list had been published–so many wonderful and talented writers to read… (I’ll be busy for a while reading some I didn’t know before.) This is a huge surprise to be at #25!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work in creating the list, and thank you so much for including me.

  38. Kate says:

    Nice list Rori. But how did http://www.daveglenn.com not make the list!?

    Love the site ;)

    • Rori says:

      Easy answer to that question: http://www.betweenmysheets.com/why-wasnt-i-named-a-top-sex-blogger

      In short, he wasn’t nominated (unless I’m missing something, but I checked over my list and don’t see his name). I got over 200 different blogs nominated by over 400 people, and although I do always add a few of my own favorites to the list, I don’t go out to hunt down even more sex bloggers. I already have enough to go through! So if he’s your favorite blogger, definitely stop back next year to nominate him. If you’re on my mailing list or subscribe to my blog, you’ll get a notification every year when nominations open.

  39. Thank God and you for this list of Sex Blog. I’ve been searching for this kind of list. Would you mind if I re-post this on our Blog?

  40. Kat says:

    What a lovely surprise, and although I don’t know how I ended up here, this is great ~ and some fab blogs (many of which I follow) but many which I don’t and will have some new bedtime reading.

    On the listing for mine however, you have added a twitter address which wasn’t there when you first published it, but it is now

    98. Kat (@shackledkat) from She Makes the Rules

    I am not @shackledkat ~ could you remove that for me?

    Many thanks


  41. Joyce C says:

    Congrats! And thanks for publishing this list! I have a young blog that is a mix of humor and sexiness. Please check it out and follow. Thanks!!!

  42. SapioSlut says:

    Thank you so much for including us. After we got hacked and outed we had to basically gut our blog and really throttle back on what we were posting. Sadly, we still haven’t got back to the full kinky goodness we had before.

    But pulling us in at #45 is a huge boost to our confidence. Even on our reduced schedule we must still be doing something right…

    Thank you, Rori, for all your hard work in evaluating so many blogs and creating this list!

  43. Mistress160 says:

    So much hard work has gone into this … well done :)

  44. Delicious says:

    Hey! Somewhere between number 100 and 200 is….

    awesomeinbed.com with Ash, Cat, and me Joe Delicious

    We blog at least once weekly. Short and sweet. Sometimes a bit longer. Juicy. Honest.

    Coming up on our first year anniversary in January. Going strong.


  45. Arabella says:

    Thank you, Rori, for all of the work you put into creating this list for all of us. I love using your list to discover new blogs and connect with new bloggers … what a fabulous addition to include Twitter handles this year to promote blogger-to-blogger communication! Much gratitude to you.

    Congratulations to all the bloggers on the list!! To those that blog, but aren’t on the list this year, I definitely encourage you to leave a comment on this post as Rori mentions, and feel free to @AskArabella on Twitter too; I’d love to hear from you & check out your writings.

    Best wishes to all!

  46. Evoë Thorne says:

    Wow! I found this list via Twitter. What a great resource.

    You can find my blog on http://www.wholesexlife.com.

    Thank you!
    Evoë Thorne

  47. Kinky Casey says:

    Congrats to everyone! I aspire to join your ranks one day with my little Diary of a Daddy’s Girl: http://kinkycasey.tumblr.com/

  48. Wow! Cool list. Perfect timing! I just returned to blogging and reading blogs after a long break, so many cool blogs for me to check out :)

  49. Yummy says:

    Been a busy week and behind on blog reading and just heard from a friend that I made the list! (skin of my teeth! But ever so pleased given the company).

    I’m blown away! Thank you so much, I’ve only been blogging just over 18months and your list the year before last was the starting point for finding other great bloggers that I now have found friends and inspiring reads.

    I know so much work goes into this so huge thanks for your creation!

    Yummy xxx

  50. Sir Thomas says:

    Thanks for the awesome reading list. I’m relatively new to this sex blogging thing. This gives me something to aim for.

  51. Myli says:

    This list is amazing! I have a few sex blogs that I follow and really love, but I think I need to spend a whole weekend going thru your list. Thank you for this. I want to aspire to be on this list one day! :)

  52. Saynine says:

    Ive been ranting a bit on twitter about this, this morning but I have to leave a comment here. I hope you will allow it to be seen.

    I have a real problem with any list that promotes a blog that glorifies serial cheating as this one has.

    I am not even talking about cheating in a very specific situation. I am talking about a blog that promotes serial cheating as a sport with posts like “10 Tips for Cheating on Your Spouse”.

    There is not anything even remotely sex-positive about such a blog.

    Id also like to mention that adding “My” to the tittle of this post would clarify it as different from a community based list.

    Just my rarely humble opinion.

    • Rori says:

      I totally hear you on that one. When I first started doing these annual lists, I deleted any nominations that had to do with cheating.

      Then I was “the other woman” to a guy who was cheating on his wife. It just…happened. And while I did end things because it was too uncomfortable to me, what I learned is that I don’t really have the right to judge people and the life decisions they make because I’ve made a lot of fucked up choices myself. Is cheating wrong? Maybe. But there are a lot of people who wouldn’t link to my site because they find it morally wrong too, to have premarital sex or be involve in BDSM or watch porn or anything like that. And then what about a blog that promotes prostitution? I fully believe it’s a very sex-positive stance to lobby for the legalization of prostitution, because I think we should have the right to our own bodies…but it’s still a very illegal activity (in most states), while cheating is not.

      It’s also my opinion that cheaters are going to cheat. Finding a website that promotes cheating isn’t suddenly going to make faithful people start to cheat. I don’t cheat on my significant others when I’m in a relationship, but I thoroughly enjoy the posts on every single site on this list.

      What you’re saying is still something I consider every year. I don’t want people to come to my site and think, “Hey, Rori thinks cheating is okay.” I just think it’s a slippery slope to start saying that I’m not including bloggers who blog about certain sex-related topics because I don’t morally agree. I totally respect your opinion though, and I knew when publishing this list that some people wouldn’t agree with some of my choices for the very reason you’re giving.

      On your other point, adding “my” to the title: The title is what it is because that’s what it’s always been and I don’t want to change it now and confuse people. This used to be a community-based list with voting from a judging panel that anyone could join. It’s not anymore (starting this year) because people are way too catty and immature to do something in a collective manner. Last year, everyone FREAKED OUT about multiple people on the list, wanted their names removed, wanted to be removed as a member of the judging panel, etc. That’s what happens when majority rules – and it was horrible.

      Changing the title is also not good for other reasons. People would feel weird about sharing a list called “My Top 100 Sex Bloggers” because the “my” didn’t refer to them. I also want the list to rank well in search engines, so even calling it “Rori’s Top 100…” doesn’t make as much sense. I want the list to be spread as much as possible to promote all the awesome bloggers on it and to hopefully find a few new readers for my own blog as well. Even if people want to cross off or de-link certain numbers of voice their opinions to why they don’t agree, if other bloggers on the list get some attention, that’s a good t

      Also, while I do judge the blogs myself, this list isn’t possible without the community of people who nominate awesome bloggers. So it still is partially a community effort. The first year, before it had any traction, I only got 50 or so blogs nominated…and took me hundreds of hours to scour the web looking for more to include. I don’t think it was a very strong list as compared to this year, and that’s because of the community!

      I have noted several times on several different posts that this is my list created by ME and that if a reader doesn’t agree, they should create a list on your own blog. But just to make sure, I’ve moved that note to the very top of this list so that everyone sees it, regardless of whether or not they’ve read other posts on my site or read to the end of the post. So thank you for the suggestion to make it more prominent.

      And thanks for having the courage to leave a comment with dissenting opinion…in a respectful way. I like debating issues with people and seeing new ways of looking at things. I just hate it when people have to do so with name-calling and passive-aggressive snark. Your comments are always welcome here, Saynine!

  53. Lilith Land says:

    Why I am just tickled pink to be on the list! Thanks for the honor. If someone nominated me, thanks a bunch.

    Hugs and spanks,


  54. Ferns says:

    Last year, I didn’t find the list (and my name on it) until 5 months after it was out (how is that even possible?!)! This time, I’m all over it… Yay!!

    I’ve already run around to peek at sexy blogs I wasn’t aware of… much fun. Thanks for all your work on it, Rori.


  55. Nikki True says:

    I didn’t know about this but I will be on this list next year :) I will be checking out everyone’s blog…well try too lol..but until then please connect with me on facebook and twitter and please check out my blog

    I can remember sitting in my high school counselors office at the age of 15 having her ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I looked her straight in the eye and said clear as bells “I want to be the black Dr. Ruth”. At that time I had no way of knowing that at 27 I would start a sex and relationship blog that would put me right on that track. Growing up in the buckle of the bible belt, Oklahoma, sex was a taboo subject that usually ended with the phrase “Do it and I’ll kill you”. I was always the friend you went to for love advice in high school and when I became older I soon found myself helping people with a wide range of sexual problems from love to where is my G spot. Nikkitrue.com let’s me do those same things on a wider scale and so much more while staying true to one main belief I have about sex. I firmly believe that if you are going to be having sex in this lifetime you should be having great sex, EVERY TIME! I also give my 5 cents on social and celebrity sex and love topics, let my creative side be shown through The Nikki True Files erotica series, and be my funny,random,opinionated self. I’ve done so much in a year than I ever thought I could and I’m just getting started.

    Site description: Nikkitrue.com was created after finding that in today’s society ,sex is still a very much taboo subject. Through my writing persona “Nikki True” I am able to not only showcase my writing capabilities, I’m also able to help get people talking about sex in an open and frank manner while being witty, smart,and creative. because of my blog I have met some wonderful people, dealt with my fear of being told no and challenge myself as a writer. Also I’ve been nominated for The Black WeBlog Awards in the Best Sex and Relationship Category. I want to continue to break the norms and stereotypes that go along with women and sex, give tips and advice for ways to have a better sex life, to educate and inform while always being entertaining. With Nikki True-Nothing Is Taboo

    Nikki True-Nothing Is Taboo

  56. Dolly says:

    I think you should have this as a 2011 winner: http://mysexlifewithlola.wordpress.com/

  57. It’s funny how I got on this list the second year I was blogging, but not since, even though I think my blog is better. Congrats on those making the list!

    • Rori says:

      I try to get the word out about nominations as much as possible every year, but there are always great blogs that aren’t nominated and I don’t know to review them. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for nominations opening next summer! And remember that it’s relative – there are more and more blogs online every year, so it’s not about how good you were compared to last year (or two years ago); it’s relative to how good other bloggers are as well.

  58. Although we are just getting started, we’ve had a great experience so far as sex bloggers at – http://www.spiritualbdsm.com/

  59. UnzippedSex says:

    Hi Rori,

    This is a great list and a nice thing you do for fellow bloggers. I already know, first-hand the kindness you showed me with my two week old sex blog. I really appreciate your help. I hope to grace this list in 2012 for sure. Hope you will check out the page and let me know what you think.


    If you ever want to trade links or share a story, you’re always welcome!

    Thanks for everything, Rori… I’ll see you on the list next year! ;)


  60. Kyle says:

    Thank you, Rori. This is an unexpected honor. I appreciate the time you put into presenting this list each year and hope you enjoy the results as much as the rest of us.

  61. Followed Mollena’s link to this post and am very happy I did.
    Looking forward to exploring this list over the long holiday weekend, sneaking peeks when my vanilla interactions get to be too much.

    And, about me…
    Pansexual Switch Polyamorous Slut
    Rope, cigars, BDSM, novice bootblack, fisting.
    Yeah, I’m greedy.
    And the NYR Cabin Bitch 4 Life.

    @poeticdesires on Twitter

  62. DDD says:


    Thank you for all your hard work — and reading:-) I am sooooooooooooooooo honored to have made your list (#40). And I’ve already discovered some new favorite bloggers.

    Also wanted to let you know I included a link to your blog and the list — http://www.dykedecade.com/2011/11/top-100-sex-bloggers-of-2011.html.

    Thank you from the whole sex blog community!


  63. Joan Price says:

    I’m honored to be #14, especially because I think mine is the only blog specifically about senior sex. (Correct me if I’m wrong — I still have to explore many of these winners.) I applaud you for your passion and commitment, Rori — I can only imagine how much work went into reading all the nominations, making notes, rereading to see how the blog is updated, etc. You are the sex-positive queen!

  64. An interesting list, I will post it on my blog and feel free to check out what I do on http://islandofpain.com

    Best Regards

    Stoltz Sinatra

  65. Matt says:

    Rory! Awesome list. Where’s the love for us over atParis Intimates? :) By the way, I need to talk to you soon, I’ll be in contact.


    • Rori says:

      Aww, you know I love you guys, Matt! Definitely keep up the good work with your blog and get your readers to nominate you next year!!!

  66. sadie smythe says:

    Hi Rori!

    Thanks for giving me a shout out, darling!

    I wanted to let you know that I will revealing my new blog in a few days, and I will let you know as soon as it’s live. It will be even BETTER than the old one. Perhaps you can help me spread the word?


  67. Same Sassy Girl says:

    Thanks, Rori! I am just getting started exploring the wonderful world of sex bloggers, and saw your list on Dick-n-Jane.com. I clicked around until I landed on Riff Dog’s spot and spent a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend laughing and moaning at his marvelous work! I am very thankful you got me there and wherever else I end up following all those links!

  68. These blogs have inspired me to make one of my own. Married Erotica will be short stories about married couples having hot and passionate sex. Head over to marriederotica.wordpress.com for the steamy stories. I have posts scheduled for every day.

  69. Mistress Mia says:

    Love you to take a look, if you like maybe you would like to include in your next list!!!


    Mistress Mia recently posted..AnalMy Profile

  70. Serafina says:

    We are fairly new to the sex blogging scene but we have been around the block of fetishes and sexual pervertedness for some time. We cover everything from personal journey to reviews of vendors who are good, bad, and beautiful, as well as products they market. Tips, tits and pussys and slave assignments.
    Serafina recently posted..slave assignment 12/17/2011My Profile

  71. Wow I recognise so many great bloggers and reviewers, you so deserve a spot in thew top 100; well done to you all who made it to the list.
    I’ve only been going for 6 months so hopefully one day I may be able to aspire to this list.
    Congratulations X
    Midnight Boudoir recently posted..The Tingle Me by Silky VibrationsMy Profile

  72. Molly Adler says:

    Thank you for compiling and sharing this list. It is an amazing guide of diverse writers, resources and culture. Thank you for helping our community find each other! I am a sex educator and co-owner of Self Serve Toys, co-founder of the Progressive Pleasure Club, and blogger in our budding, self serve(d) blog. We also are creating more video reviews and sex ed every day on our youtube channel. I will be sharing this list and checking out the blogs in all my free time. I always find something new. Thanks again, with love and lube- Molly

    Molly Adler recently posted..Looking for Sex Positive Healthcare ProvidersMy Profile

  73. Mel says:

    I’ve spent the past few months searching like mad for people doing the same thing for me to read! My search is over! Hooray to that!!

    My blog is stories and self-portraits. All about my antics, my thoughts on self-love, my knowledge about sex, my growing collection of Freaky Sex Toys and everything I find useful and entertaining on the subject. I’ve always been open in the bedroom and I’ve learnt so many things, there is no way I can keep it all to myself!

    Hopefully its entertaining, easy to relate to, bemusing and informative. I’ve only got ‘how to deep throat’ so far on the informative front, but I have many more things to teach and share! I don’t believe in “I can and you can’t”.. I believe If I can, ANYONE can and here is how – assuming I’ve figured out!

    I think sex is for sharing, in a down to earth manner. Most things that seem bizarre or scary at first, are really not when you explore them. I love breaking taboos and bringing them down to earth so everyone can ‘get’ what is so enjoyable, however freaky it may seem at first!

    I first started my blogging on adultfriendfinder I still do blog there only much less now. I wanted a less bias audience and as well.. Also it is a hookup site and once you’ve hooked up a few times it can feel awkward to talk freely!

    Two years ago, I was a COMPLETE CAMERA DODGER! The hookup site itself brought out my confidence and I like pictures of myself now! I’m well on my way to being a full on exhibitionist.. but my personality is more like the court jester than the hot babe people accuse me of being~ I’ll never get used to that, but slowly I’ve been starting to like it =)

  74. SmoothNude says:

    It’s nice to see that we made on the list. Thanks for the support and we welcome any feedback and comments. Also, thanks for putting this list together, there many great blogs listed here.

    SmoothNude recently posted..Mykonos: HillsMy Profile

  75. Octavia says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome resource. I am new to blogging and was looking for some inspiration when I found your site. I will absolutely be coming back to check in on future posts!


  76. Chrystal says:

    Wow. I am so excited. I had no idea my blog made it on the list. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    Chrystal recently posted..Talk dirty to me! How do I get my husband to do it?My Profile

  77. Cora says:

    Thanks for sharing the top 100 Sex bloggers of 2011. Your post is always inspiring and lot of idea can you can get to this.
    Cora recently posted..Laptop Repair Los AngelesMy Profile

  78. Libby x says:


    Thank you sooo much for this list! I have spent hours working my way through it and love to get inspiration for my blog on all these amazing sex sites.

    I hope that http://mydirtymind.net is up here next year!


  79. Fantastic list, thanks you so much, These blogs have inspired me to make one of my own ;)

  80. Erotic Lady says:

    Incredible List, thumbs up for the great work of all sex and erotic bloggers! We are in the process of establishing a German Erotic Blog on http://www.eroticrating.com

    Congrats to our friends who made it in this list!

  81. Eval Shnell says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for posting this very helpful list! We just opened our adult toy store and we’re eager to get the word out.

    Click here to visit our blog: http://thesafewordblog.tumblr.com
    Our website is http://www.1000PLEASURES.com

    Thanks again and thanks also for putting together this AMAZING blog!


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