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  1. Arabella says:

    Omgosh! I’m overwhelmed with sparkly! Thank you so much, one and all. So glad to hear that Bombshells & Rockstars makes a sexy difference in your world. Will do my best to keep pumping out the luscious content & interactions that got me to this list in the first place. So honored to be here among you all. It’s truly a blessing. Again, thank you, all of you. And thank you to all the volunteer judges, nominators, readers, & to Rori for organizing such an amazing contest.

    Hugs, lovin’, blessings, bliss, & more to all,
    Mistress Arabella xxo

  2. Thank you so much for nominating our blog for another year. We are very proud of our blog. I tried to click on the link to my blog though and it didn’t work? Here is the link to #40 Journey to the Darkside – http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com/


  3. So much to read, and never enough time to do it. :)

    Thanks for putting all of these links in one spot… Lots of hard work I’m sure.

  4. Molly says:

    What an interesting list. I think I will enjoy discovering some of these blog. I am already a fan of ‘The Beautiful Kind’and congratulations on getting the 2nd spot.

    I think I can only dream of ever making me this list, but hey, sometimes dreams just do happen!



  5. ShazamSF says:

    So nice to know my daily posts for over a year have been noticed. It’s an honor to be nominated!

  6. Joan Price says:

    Wow — #10! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to explore all the other winners.

    Joan Price
    AKA http://www.NakedAtOurAge.com

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for listing us! We may not post as frequently as many, but I’m glad that what we post is seen as valuable in some way.

  8. misssubmisss says:

    Hi, thanks for the great list, a few of my favorites are there, especially Guy New York from Quickies in new York. This is my blog, take a look please, I’m still new at this and I don’t write much besides photo captions but I plan to in the future. Thanks again, keep up the great work.


  9. I’ve never heard of this list before, but am very happy I found it!
    Congratulations to all who made the Top 100!

  10. Wow, so much work goes into doing this list.
    Congrats to all!

  11. prima angel says:

    Congrats to all the winners. I see alot of the blogs I follow on here. :) I’d love to have you all come visit me at my blog. Take care all!

  12. Jefferson says:

    Thanks! And how fitting that a bisexual hold the position of the bicentennial year.

  13. suggestive says:

    Thank you so much! For the honor and all of the work to pull this together. Can’t wait to check out all these new reads.

  14. I about fell off my sex swing when I saw this list. Wow. Thank you and then some.

  15. nitebyrd says:

    Congratulations to everyone on the list!

    I guess I need to write about sex more but that of course means I’ll actually have to have some sex! ;)

  16. Inferno says:

    Awesome list once again with many I have never seen and most of my favorites.
    I’m inspired to start my own sexy blog after just making it through the first few.
    Maybe that will be my new years plan. “Start sexy blog”

  17. V says:

    Some great blogs on this list! We already follow many of them and plan to check out a few more.

    We have been blogging for only a few months, but invite you and your readers to come visit us at The Dalliances of the Libidinous Man and the Voluptuous Vixen and let us know what you think!

    L and V of

  18. I am truly – and I mean TRULY – overwhelmed. I’m in hallowed company and really don’t feel like I deserve to be there, considering I tend to blog on writing fiction about sex, more than sex itself. However, I’m extremely grateful. And I’m hoping this will actually get me laid, so I can actually blog about sex.

  19. oatmeal girl says:

    Oh! Oh my goodness! That’s not very poetic at all, or literary in any way, but really I’m so honored and squirmy happy that I can’t manage anything more eloquent.

    Thank you very much. And now I should see who the judges were so I can pay them off.

    And RG, it is I who am awed at being in YOUR company. But unlike you, I’m not looking to get laid out of it. What I really need is money, since I’m unemployed. Maybe I could be a porn busker. The equivalent of a street musician, standing outside DC Metro stations reciting subversive pornography for the edification of lawyers and lobbyists.

    Thanks again,

  20. Hey there OG – we are indeed in good company. And I think the idea of reciting subversive pornography to edify lawyers and lobbyists might actually benefit the world in ways far beyond the expected.

  21. Such a shame we’ve not quite been around for 6 months yet. On the upside, next year we’ll be fully eligible at Lust & Confused. In the mean time we’ll be having a look at all of these to see what needs to be added to our reading list.

    In the mean time, feel free to visit us at http://www.lustandconfused.com and please do not hesitate to leave a comment! ;)

  22. Guy New York says:

    Thanks so much for including me!

    Of course, I’m going to spend the next year reading the other 99 folks on the list and probably won’t write a damn thing.

  23. Kate says:

    What a great list! I can’t wait to explore blogs here that I don’t already read! Next year maybe I can make the list…?


    Thanks for all your hard work, organizers!

  24. Serena Dante says:

    Hey, this is an awesome list! Check out my blog as well ;D

  25. ShazamSF says:

    Even my comments get anonymized. It’s as if I don’t even exist. Oh, but I do! I’m a real person who tells the TRUTH about myself and sex on my blog, Random Rim Jobs. Also, I’m easy to find BECAUSE I’M A REAL PERSON.

  26. Hedone says:

    TBK and Sapioslut are at the top where they belong. I’m a huge fan of Kayar Silkenvoice, nice to see her here too. Fun list. Lots of new blogs for me to explore.

    As for flack about someone or some tales being real or fake, most of the erotica in the sex blogs is not real. Often it’s just a creative sexy story or a highly embellished tale or a merging for interest of several sexual encounters. Some are factual accounts masterfully told for our sensual pleasure. If it’s good writing, and people enjoy who cares if it’s REAL or not.

  27. I’m utterly shocked (in that tickled pink way) to be #39.

    Thanks so much.

    The “victory post”…


  28. Oh…My…Goodness! I was absolutely shocked when I saw my name on the list. Thank you so much! I could care less if I’m #100 on the list, at least I made it and I am very appreciative. I’ll be reposting this FOR SURE.

  29. Sorry you seem to be having problems with all the whiners on (and not on) the list. But, what can you do. ^_^

    Anyway, I have two blogs. The first one, The Church of the Screaming Orgasm ( at http://tcotso.tumblr.com/ ) is mostly a tumble blog where I repost more sexual things I find interesting on the web.

    The second one, a new one started because of the inspiration I got from this post, is The Dirty Reverend at http://thedirtyreverend.tumblr.com/ and contains blog posts that I have created.

  30. GentleSpirit says:

    Yay Yay Yay for Dreamwalker. I am so proud to be his partner, and yes. He is just as incredibly amazing in person as he is in his writing. I love you honey, CONGRATULATIONS…..

  31. Thank you very much, Rori and the judges. And thanks to whoever nominated me to begin with. I’m super humbled and flattered to be listed here along with many of my favorite writers, and I’ll be blogging about this soon!

    -A very happy littlegirlyone

  32. What a fantastic idea. My congratulations to all in the list. It´s hard work to be a blogger.


  33. Thanks to all the judges and particularly those folk who kindly nominated me. And congratulations to all on the list – a really interesting mix of blogs about sex!

  34. Dreamwalker says:

    This morning while trying to wake up, nursing an 8-shot espresso that GentleSpirit so expertly made for me, I got the rest of the wake-up jolt I needed from her discovering me on this list.

    There was quite the whooping and hollering and carrying on while I was sitting there watching the spectacle in stunned silence. Yeah, I’m the quiet type, alright.

    GentleSpirit is so proud of me and she’s spent the day looking at me, starstruck. She even made me fancy mashed potatoes for lunch.

    Thank you, whomever you are, for nominating me. And thank you, judges, for voting me onto the list.

  35. I’m so thrilled (and very flattered) to be recognized! Thanks to all involved in putting together this list.

  36. Riff Dog says:

    So you *did* get my check! ;-)

  37. June says:

    I have always loved these lists because I bump into great blogs that I had no idea about. This years list is no exception….some great finds and some old favorites.

  38. Cheeky Minx says:

    Thank you so very much, Rori and all the judges – I’m so chuffed to placed in such incredibly sexy company! You’ve made the Sydney sun shine that little bit brighter today…

  39. Black Pearl says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    This list just made my day… just finished ripping hubby a new ass in my latest rant, and this was just the bit of sunshine I needed!!

    I am so happy to be #59!!

    As always, I will repost on my site giving you all the nasty praises you deserve!!

    Thanks again.

  40. DominaDoll says:

    Thanks so much for the nominations and for including us on the list! I guess I have to show my boobs now! (0)(0)

  41. Sexy Bitch says:

    i am so excited to check out these blogs!! i follow some already but always up to finding new ones. i am going to post this on my site, check it out to make sure i do it right lol


  42. Calliope says:

    This list is fantastic. There are a bunch of blogs out there not worth reading and so many that get passed by because weeding them out can be burdensome. I plan to repost this in the morning with a link back to you!

    A Huge THANK YOU TO: you for creating the list, to the judges, and to all the readers.

    BLOG ON! Feel free to stop by and give me a read- calliopejones.blogspot.com

  43. HyperB says:

    Ooooooh, excellent list. Thanks so much! I’m always trying to find new blogs to read.

    People can find me doing my thang here:


  44. viemoira says:

    Thanks SO much to anyone that nominated our blog- “Cavern of the Beast”! I also would like to thank Rori for organizing the top 100 sex bloggers list- I have found some great sites there! Thanks to all the judges and volunteers for all of their hard work and efforts! :)

  45. HyperB says:

    Hooray! What a brilliant list for people (like me) to traverse.

    Great work!

    I’m going to post this list on my blog asap.

    I am here: http://yeahbutnobutyeahbut.wordpress.com


  46. Sir Zoomer says:

    … So I said to myself, “Self! I see increased traffic. Why did my traffic increase this week?”

    That is to say, THANK YOU for doing this. Now I’ve got a plethora of other blogs to peruse.

    Apologies for not providing more material in the last few months, but my intentions are all good/bad/dirty/what-have-you. FIND ME AT NUMBER 62 ON THIS LIST :)

    You did an excellent job here. I’ll get the word out!

    Sir Zoomer

  47. Mistress L says:

    Scandalous that I’m not on the list hehe, j/k ^_^ Congrats to the other sexy bloggers!

    Check me out here:

  48. Vixen says:


    Completely beside myself about making the list, much less #6. Thank you!!!!!


  49. Kate says:

    Awesome list! I can’t wait to start reading the blogs I haven’t seen before.

    Here is my blog. It’s not nearly as in-depth or full as a lot of these but I like to think it’s pretty fun:


  50. evangeline says:

    I’ve found some great blogs thru this list, thanks

  51. What a terrific list! Many of my favorites are listed. I’m a bit sad that I’m not, but then again, I’ve been sorely remiss in posting lately and no doubt that had some effect if I were actually nominated. I’ve been writing much more on my “vanilla” blog and for e-zines these days but I promise not to drop Scintillectually Yours altogether. I’ll be back! And perhaps next year, I’ll be here! :) Congrats to all who made the list. xo

  52. Kit says:

    Thank you! I’m honored to be included on this list with so many great writers.

  53. Voracious says:

    Thanks so much for putting together such a comprehensive list of great bloggers in one place! We’re new to the sex blogging scene this year, but can only hope to make the 2011 list. To see what we’ve been up to so far (an INCREDIBLY hot bi wife, a curious husband, plenty of nudes and shared fantasies), check out:


    (Give us a follow too, once we hit 100, a video goes up!)

    Uncommon Appetites: The Secret Life of an Oversexed 20-Something Couple.


  54. Dark Gracie says:

    Thank you so much. I have been so busy that I didn’t notice this was going on.

  55. Ida Virgin says:

    Awesome list! I’m really enjoying finding so many awesome people to read!

  56. Marek says:

    That list is great!Giving a lot of new ways to get quality links.Brilliant.Thanks a lot

  57. ssds says:

    Thanks for the list. We’ve really enjoyed checking out other sex blogs :) Keep up the good work!

  58. b says:

    foreignescapades.tumblr.com – my site :)

  59. hiskittin says:

    I enjoy reading many of these blogs. I can only hope to aspire to continue writing on my own enough in time that others may see mine similarly.


  60. Thanks for doing this every year. It’s so great, as someone who just started a filthy blog, I’m excited to devour these sites!

    Feel free to take a look at this new site. Filthyemails.org

    Filthy E-Mails is a blog dedicated to publishing sexy, sweet and just filthy messages sent across the web for all to see. A forum for people to anonymously post erotic messages they have sent online (todays love letter… but more smutty).

  61. Karen Blue says:

    Girl your site is hot! I love it cuz it makes me remember all the reasons I started my own blog and how sexy and delicious it is to be a slut!
    Thanks a bunch, and please check mine out. http://www.kissingblue.blogspot.com xoxoxo

    ~Karen Blue

  62. Nuala says:

    My jaw just hit the floor and my mouth is watering to read all of these. Thank you for this list.
    Our site is brand new, we are an all-female review site of strip clubs, writing about our personal sexual adventures and the things that turn us on:



  63. What a fantastic list of blogs to follow! Thanks for all of the hard work in compiling the list.

    My Sir and I are newcomers to the blogging sphere, but would love to find new readers with whom to connect and share our adventures in sex and kink!

    Her Side: Zelda Takes It Off
    His Side: Magister’s New Knots

    Happy reading!

  64. Jewely says:

    I love this! I’m going to have lots of fun finding new blogs. Thanks for putting out all the effort to make it happen!

  65. Fuck Toy says:

    Such a great resource! Thanks so much! I keep coming back to it over and over. Thanks for the hard work it took to compile this list!

    Please check out my blog, too! http://www.FuckToyLand.com

    Fuck Toy

  66. Bianca says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the list. Thank you so much, and I’m happy to see some of my favorites up here. Foreverthequeerestkids isn’t exactly a sex blog, but it’s along those lines in a lot of ways. Check it out here: foreverthequeerestkids.wordpress.com

  67. Not really a blogger either, but if you want to try alternative erotica that literally walks on the wild side, feel free to click the link.

    Looking forward to the exhausting but rewarding task of checking out all these blogs!

  68. Sassy says:

    Oooohhhh parts of this list have made me go all tingly….

    I love lists like this that encourage me to explore the internet, myself, and sexuality in general.

    As a (belated) tribute, I will be posting the list on my blog, which, FYI, explores my thoughts on lapdancing – my nights down the club, stripping popping up in the media, and how I cope with the conflicting thoughts of dirty money, dirty men, and dirty girls. Oh, and I work in London, which makes a change from the usual Vegas blogs.


    I hope I’m included in awesome sex bloggers of 2011 !!!

    xoxo Sassy

  69. Pink says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    What luck that my pervy travels brought me to this list — so many great, undiscovered blogs here! I shall never want for reading material now.

    Feel free to visit my blog, The Pink Report, a detailed accounting of life as a submissive.



  70. sexglo says:

    hey congratulation to all nominators and thanks to admin to update this list of nominations!!!

  71. DalideB says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! I’m new to this sexblogging thing, so it’s nice to see what’s out there. And boy was I in for a treat :)

    Feel free to visit my website: http://barenakedlady.wordpress.com . It’s an account on my blossoming sex life and life as it is for me.

    Once again congatulations!


  72. Mike & Leigh says:

    Hope you’ll look at our blog; it details our very sexy adventures. We’re the Couple with a Passion….for life and each other.
    Our blog is at http://www.couplewithapassion.blogspot.com.
    Mike has also written a book called “How To Turn Your Wife Into a Swinger” which has had some rave reviews from Chantelle Austin, Rebecca Ammon and others. All the details are at http://www.swingwithyourwife.com
    Hope to hear form you!
    Mike & Leigh

  73. Congrats to all of you.Happy to read the result of best sex blogger.

  74. Aimee says:

    What a great blog you have here and responses from others.

    My name’s Aimee and I wanted to share my blog with you too.


    A Sensual Approach To Sexual Empowerment & Enlightenment.

    I hope enjoy!


  75. Nikki True says:


    Stay Tuned in and Turned on

    Kinky Kisses-Nikki True

  76. Mike says:

    Check my site out, http://www.mygayrelationship.com is all about me and my sex life, along with abit of other randomness and news in between.

  77. Ruby Ryder says:

    Hello, Ruby Ryder here. My blog is all about my favorite activity; Pegging (strap-on sex). You will find scads of information, sexy photos and erotic pegging stories. Take a look!
    All the Best,

  78. Dusk says:

    Can’t wait to see the list this upcoming year! I’ve been thrilled to join the throng of amazing bloggers and it’s oh so nice to see all of them being promoted here :)

  79. Brittany says:

    I am so excited to see upcoming lists! My new blog can be found here:


    I have content on relationship advice, erotica, my sexual adventures and current events!

    If you have time, stop by and leave me a comment!

  80. Jesse says:

    Congratulations to you all for making the list Your persistance and active involvement in making a difference for the sexually curious was definitely key in placing you there. I hope to make the ranks next round!!!

  81. TanyaLelaki says:

    Awesome list you have here. Make my life easy.. bookmarked!

  82. House of Mystery says:

    Hello, from Germany,

    hey I haven“t know that it do gives something like that. What a real surprise. A good surprise. And surely I´m really curious, so that I will
    take really a look in this 100 blogs.

    For myself I write a erotic blog, naturally in german language, but also a part in english. Here I`m a free author who write stories and his thinking about erotic and life. So maybe you and the readers will also someone take a look.

    Nice greets from Germany

    House of Mystery

  83. Elle says:

    This is a great website and list. It was very clever of you to think of this. Thanks for providing such useful information. I’d like to suggest my own sexy blog with lots of erotic and sexy posts on sex, dating, sex on the first date and celebrities.

    Do you like my sexy articles?

    And here’s a link to sex blog:

    Visit My Blog

    Thank you!

  84. Mel says:

    Check out my new sex blog! It’s relatively new and I’m loving writing about something I love!

    Also, this list is totally accurate! Quizzical Pussy is AWESOME!
    Mel recently posted..I love to give head (though I do not speak for the rest of my sex)My Profile

  85. ladyface says:

    oh my goodness. There are so many amazing blogs to explore! Thanks for compiling such an impressive list.

    My blog has some smut and some glimpses of my day-to-day life as a queer femme sex worker.

    ladyface recently posted..Resolution Update #1My Profile

  86. Chrystal says:

    thanks so much, Rori. I just figured out I made it on your list. Super cool. Now I am going to see if I can find some fun buttons to mention the fact on my blog and link back to your blog. Thanks again! So grateful for all the work you put into this.

    Sincerely, Chrystal
    Chrystal recently posted..Celebration Contest – We just hit 2,000 Fans on FacebookMy Profile

  87. Wow!!! It’s Awesome to see that there are so many really great stories out there. We are so happy to see that there are so many people becoming more open about thier sex life!! Reading all these stories just goes to show that the world needs SEX, ORGASMS, SEX TOYS, and so on! We all know how hard it is when having a blog about our sex life, or owning an Adult Toy Store or Website, But the Main thing is that we keep on doing what we love, and we see how much the world, in all its uniqueness, really starts to love us right back!! All of us at http://www.adultnolveltees.com want to thank all bloggers for comming out of there shell and sharing there stories with the world! Thanks so much. Come and See us @ http://www.adultnolveltees.com and let us show our appriation with 80%off retail value and 100% Discreet Shipping World Wide!!

  88. I’m going to have so much more sexiness to add to my reading list now, thank you!

    Also feel free to check out my blog, it’s relatively new at the moment but I like to add lots of sexy pics :) Elouise xx

  89. Woops, the link is http://www.elouiseplease.com/blog hehe xx
    ElouisePlease recently posted..FacePornMy Profile

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