11 Responses to “Rori Asks: What’s Your Absolute Best Relationship Tip of All Time?”

  1. Bre says:

    When I was younger, my mom always told me that the most important thing was to never go to bed angry at your spouse. Seems obvious, but there have been times when we fight where I really *wanted* to hold onto that grudge, and keep being mad…but, remembering what my mom always said, I sucked it up, and apologized, and communicated. It’s really made us champs at working through conflict, because, even if we spend all day mad at each other, we always come back together by the end of the night.
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    • Rori says:

      I love that advice. That’s a good tip for life, not just relationships. I try to not go to bed mad about stuff that’s petty. Life’s too short, and tomorrow is another day.

  2. Conina says:

    Love each other – and act like it. Little touches, hugs, kisses, words of appreciation, acts of kindness. And definitely don’t be too proud to admit when you’re wrong.
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    • Rori says:

      Oh man, admitting that I’m wrong is so important…and I’m SO bad at it. I’m very stubborn, hehe! But luckily being in a D/s relationship helps with that!

  3. Josh says:

    When my wife and I were searching for advice on swinging we came across a quote on the Gentlenibbles site which stated, ‘No marriage has ever ended due to too much talking among the spouses, yet most fights and divorces involve a tremendous lack of communication.’ I have given that quote to my vanilla friends and just about anyone else.

    If you cannot talk to your partner about anything, and I mean anything, then that is not the person you want long term.

    • Rori says:

      That’s a good tip, Josh. I have a hard time talking about things sometimes, so when I feel like I can freely talk to someone (like I can with Cash), I know it is something special!

  4. Leanan Sidhe says:

    Be completely honest with each other — all the time. Be truthful, even though it hurts sometimes. No white lies, lies of omission, lack of full disclosure, passive-aggressive responses.

    And in addition to each person being willing to speak their truth fully, also be willing to listen to your partner fully — even though that hurts, too, sometimes.

    But a little pain in the moment is better than a ton of built up animosity later.

    • Rori says:

      Great advice! I would add to that – don’t ask a question when you don’t want an honest response. I know a lot of girls who say stuff like “Do you like this dress?” and then get upset when their partner says “Eh, it’s not my favorite.”

  5. Whenever you guys fight, fight naked. A coworker gave me this advice. She said whenever they start arguing, one of them will start stripping off their clothes. It’s hard to not laugh, or get sidetracked, with a naked angry person. My husband has only remembered to do this once, but it worked like a charm. I wanted him, and after sex, we both were able to discuss the subject without the angry passion (because we spent the passion on what it’s meant for).
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