10 Responses to “Rori Asks: What was your First Kiss Like?”

  1. Jon says:

    My first kiss was when I was in the 6th grade, with a girl named Tabitha. We had to do it in secret behind the shed at my house because her dad was super strict about her being with boys

    • Rori says:

      Aww, that’s so cute, Jon! I kind of wish my first kiss was something like that instead of when I was so much older!

  2. Y says:

    I wish that I could write about this on my blog, but for soon-to-be-obvious reasons I can’t:

    My wife and I have a somewhat open relationship. We’ve been together for almost 8 years and while I remember our first kiss, it wasn’t anything too special. We’ve had plenty of spectacular kisses since then, though.

    She has recently been out of town for work and a few days ago I spent a night with a wonderful woman. We didn’t have sex, but had endless hours of touching, kissing, licking, nibbling and caressing. My wife and I have each been with other people in the last few years, but this was my first time doing so in an intimate way with a real connection. I re-experienced the wonderful process of slowly learning someone’s body and what they like, and we had an sparks-flying first kiss.

    I took a lot away from that encounter. My wife came back from her travels a couple of nights ago, and being with her again was as fresh as the first time that we were together. I had re-learned how to have that first kiss and how to explore someone’s body for the first time, and I experienced my wife as I hadn’t previously. She noticed and loved it.

    My first kiss with my wife was on Monday night and it was amazing.

    • Rori says:

      Awww, that’s such a great story! :) While an open relationship isn’t for me, I definitely understand why it works for some couples for this very reason!

  3. Andrea says:

    My first kiss was in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. It was at a friend’s summer party late one night. My crush and I were sitting in a field looking at the stars when he leaned over and kissed me a quick peck on the lips but it was amazing. I remember being on cloud 9 for weeks afterwards. It was a great memory for a first kiss.

    My first kiss with my husband was the start of our relationship. A friend had told him I like him and asked him if he wanted to date me (against my wishes). The next day we were at a friends house and I was laying on the couch while him and his friend played video games and his friends girlfriend was doing homework at the coffee table. I don’t remember what happened but suddenly is friend was tickling his girlfriend and my husband was tickling me. I remember looking up at him and smiling and saying do you have an answer for me, he leans down and kisses me a quick peck and says what do you think. I said yes and he kissed me again lol

  4. Mrs JoJo says:

    My first kiss? Hmmm

    I was 12 and had spent the day on a trip to france with my mum’s work. One of her colleagues brought their son along, who was 2yrs older at the time. We’d been chatting all day. So on the coach ride back from the ferry, we were both sat on the back row, along. Chatting and mucking about, when tiredness set in. It was just gone 8pm, sun was setting on a fabulous hot summer’s day and we were sharing the last of a pain au chocolate. I was teasing him with the last piece, pretending to feed him and then whipping it away. All of a sudden, he placed his hands on either side of my face, staring right into my eyes and then moved into me. This was my first kiss, I had no clue what to do but he led me.

    Pulling away, he chuckled and said I was redder than the sun. He kissed me again, this time with tongues, it was an experience, if I do say so lol

    He became my first boyfriend and we dated for 4 months. I’ll always remember my first kiss, it seemed like time had stopped for that 5 minutes.
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  5. Sallie the Sexual Psychic says:

    Thanks to a combination of my church and my life experiences, I spent my adolescence fending off the occasional advance from boys. Even the innocent note declaring a boy liked me, I had to ignore, for Jesus. To like boys “that way” was a sin.

    Enter Bill (RIP) the boy who qualified as my childhood sweetheart, who had told me he loves me, and to whom I had lied and denied loving him (because it was a sin, you see). I was…sixth grade probably, sitting a green upholstered easy chair. The boy I wanted with all my heart and soul, a very tall boy, put his arms on the chair arms, leaned over, and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away. He leaned farther in and kissed.

    Just on the lips. While I was still pushing. Enough for me to remember my first kiss as being forced.

    No, I hold no malice against Bill for that, and I don’t think I ever did. To blame? Every church that teaches sex is wrong!

    - Sallie

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