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Rori and Cash: A Love Story


I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces around here recently. And by that, I mean screen names, because when it comes to reading (and writing) a sex blog, few people are brave enough to *actually* show their faces.

Which is totally okay.

But I digress. Today, on this rainy (where I live) Sunday, I wanted to take a minute to tell you my love story, for those of you who haven’t worked through the archives. Well, my story and Cash’s story. I guess this is his story too. I’ll be brief, I promise! Okay,brief for me. I’m Rori Sweet, after all. Most of my posts are 700+ words!

Cash and I met through online dating. I totally recommend it. OKCupid was our poison of choice, mostly because it is free and also because PlentyOfFish and CollarMe were mostly yielding people who just wanted sex.

Which is also totally okay. Both of us just wanted something more.

I only answered Cash’s message to me because he was in the military. True story. We had a lot in common, but I thought he lived too far away.

And he did. Three hours (in no traffic) is definitely too far. I don’t recommend it at all. But Cash was stubborn and I was curious. He agreed to be the one who drives to see me, and after a few weeks of messaging one another, he made the trip. I made him get a hotel room for the night, because I didn’t think it was a good idea to commit to allowing him to stay at my place, even in the guest room.

I’m glad I did that, despite the fact that I ended up staying at the hotel with him!

He kisses me on the subway platform for the first time, a few hours after we met one another face-to-face. I was shy, but Cash is, again, stubborn. We spent the day in the city, then hung out at my place and…one thing led to another and…

I might be a bit of a slut. But it felt right, so I went with it.

Afterward, we went out to eat at this little seafood place I loved. The waiter sat us at a table in the bar area, right under speakers for the band that was playing. We had to scream to hear one another. I remember he started talking about something and I couldn’t hear a word he was saying and you could tell he was really excited about whatever he was saying. It was so silly, and at that moment I looked into his face and knew that I loved him.

I was sad to see him leave, but unsure what to do. Three hours is a long drive, and neither of us had the ability to move even if we wanted to. (For the record, I think moving that far for a significant other is craaaaazy, at least at first.)

Still, I wanted to see him again, and I decided to make the drive and stay with him for a long weekend. It was a nice enough time, and I definitely had feelings for him, but it made me panic to think of giving someone my heart again. I had been burned so many times. I freaked out and told him I wasn’t interested in pursuing this past the weekend. I told him that I wanted to leave immediately (it was three in the morning). I told him it would be better if I slept on the floor.

He told me he would never give up on me, that he knew this was right. He told me that I wasn’t going anywhere and he lay down on the floor beside me. I would have said anything in that moment just to get him to leave me alone. I did say many things, and he ignored me. Because he knew he was my daddy and he knew I just needed to freak out to begin trusting him.

After leaving, we chatted online and on the phone, and I told him that I wasn’t sure. I told him that I really liked him, but I didn’t want to be exclusive yet. I wanted him to see other people and I wanted to see other people because I wanted to get a sense for whether or not this was really right. And he said okay. He wasn’t willing to quit on me, but he would be willing to stay active on dating sites and see other people in order to make sure we were right together.

That lasted…a week? Maybe. The thought of him seeing other girls made me sick. So he came to visit me for my birthday, and we made it officially. I was taken.

Since then, my life couldn’t be happier. It’s been about 15 months since he first messaged me on OKCupid and about 13 months since we made things official. He said I love you first, but when he did, I was ready to say it back. We’re currently dealing with his second deployment in under a year and it stinks, but it is what it is The first was about six months, and I’m hoping this one is short. I moved to where he’s stationed as soon as my lease ended, so no more three hour drives, and I’m working on building this house into a home for when he gets back.

I’m not tempted to cheat. I don’t regret being monogamous. I don’t miss being with any of my exes. I’m so much in love every time I look into his eyes, even when he is pissing me off, as men tend to do occasionally, hehe.

Our love story is far from over, but I really like the first chapter.

Hope this post hasn’t been too mushy for y’all. If you’ve been a long-time reader of Between My Sheets: did you ever think I’d be at this point in my life? Sometimes, it feels like that depressed, crazy girl who started this journey of submission is another person. :)

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  1. nilla March 25, 2013 at 1:12 pm -  Reply

    Lovely story. There’s nothing like it when that connection happens, is there? I’m really thrilled for you! Let the adventure continue…and the deployment end!

    nilla recently posted..nilla rambles…yes, againMy Profile

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