Review: Luna Pleasure Beads (Ben Wa Balls)


I’ve wanted a set of Ben Wa Balls for a long time, and one of my favorite readers (*waves*) sent me a set from my Amazon wish list a few months ago. I’ve been using them pretty regularly, so I wanted to do a quick review today to tell you all about my Luna Pleasure Beads.

About the Product:

The Luna Pleasure Beads System by LELO (one of my favorite manufacturers) consists of a harness and four weighted balls – two pink (weighing 1 oz each) and two blue (weighing 1.3 oz each). I’m using a stock picture at right because I can’t seem to take a picture that better reflects what the balls are like – they’re basically a small rubber ball jiggling around inside a hard plastic shell. Two of the beads come with a retrieval string; otherwise, fishing them out when you’re done would be awkward and uncomfortable.

They’re available for around $40, which is at the upper end of the price range for vaginal beads. However, they do come with a warranty, and with LELO you know you’re getting a high quality product.

You use them by slipping one or two balls into the girdle. Most people like to work their way up this way:

  • One pink
  • One blue
  • Two pinks
  • One pink, One blue
  • Two blues

I personally started at the “two pinks” level, but you can start with just one ball instead. The idea is to wear them during the day when you’ll be moving around. Your muscles will clench around them, exercising your pussy as you walk, jog, run, or even swim. You can also use them in your pussy during anal sex or clitoral masturbation.

LELO doesn’t do anything second rate. The balls also come with a pretty satin bag for carrying them, as well as a nice black box for storage. You also get a little lube packet to help with insertion if necessary.


Like with allĀ LELO products, you can definitely tell the Luna Pleasure Beads are high quality. They slip into the plastic girdle/harness thingy easily, but are definitely snug so you don’t have to worry about them slipping out and going all AWOL in your vagina. As you move around, you can definitely feel them move around in your pussy. The more vigorously you move, the more you’ll feel them.

Is using them making my muscles stronger or my pussy tighter? I’m not sure. I have noticed that I can clench around Cash’s cock longer when he’s fucking me, so I guess they’re doing something right! I must confess though: I don’t use them regularly every single day, so if you did, I bet you’d see better results.


These are called “pleasure beads” but I think they’re more like “va-jay-jay exercising balls.” I’ve used them when masturbating, and while you can feel them moving around a little, it’s not going to rock your world or anything. So if you’re buying the Luna Pleasure Beads for the fun factor, I think you’re going to be disappointed.

The other con is the retrieval string. It’s super thin and looks like the material is absorbent (which means complete sanitation is nearly impossible). You can clean the balls and girdle itself quite nicely, but I’m always looking at the string with suspicious squinty eyes. I wouldn’t use these for anal sex for that reason. If the string breaks while they’re in your pussy, no big deal. You’ll get them out. In your ass is another story.


My overall conclusion is that yes, you should by the Lune Pleasure Beads if you are looking for a tool to help you with your kegels. If you want an actual sex toy, there are tons of better sex toys out there.

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