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  1. Chrissie says:

    My cure for a bad day is to submit further to the will of my Mistress. When she is pleased, or when she tells me I have been a good girl, no day can remain bad.

    Early in our relationship we agreed that there would be no circumstance under which the word “No” would be uttered by me in response to her instructions or desires, many of which have involved her desire to further feminize me, others of which involve her beautifully overwhelming passion – when she wants it, she wants it, and simply takes me, wherever and whenever.

    If things are bad at work, or if there is anything that is getting me down all I have to do is think of the list of things she has “suggested” or told me she would like to see me do. I pick one or two of these and respectfully ask how I could make it happen. And when she tells me, I do it.

    The smile – and often more – that follows is enough to transform any day into one of utter delight.

  2. Cory Williams says:

    My cure for a bad day:

    Hug from my kids, kiss from my wife, and a healthy dose of Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction on my CD player.

  3. Y says:

    My cure: Working out with some spectacularly loud electronic music in the background. I’m very rarely feeling down, but on those rare occasions that’s a pretty surefire fix.

  4. Matthew says:

    My solution is to turn on some Jimmy Buffett music and if possible go to the Driving Range.

    My other solution (since I’m single) is to just boot up some video games and let myself go. Video games or reading books are great ways to distract me and for me to let go of my surroundings. I’ve had friends, roommates and family all tell me that when I’m deep in a book or playing a game I’m almost unreachable if I’m focused on it. But the driving range of a golf course is still the only place lately where I’ve truly felt at peace.

  5. Sock it 2me says:

    This cure is based on it being a bad day at work:
    -Come home and grab a big hug from the wife and squeeze her sweet ass.
    -Then a nice dinner with the family, always a homemade dinner and the kids (all 20+) are always entertaining as is my wife.
    - then a nice evening with wife’s feet being rubbed by my as we decompress with some TV and fine 12 yo rum.
    - and if the wife is in the mood all the pleasure she can handle once we head up to bed.
    I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for family life, as much as I’d love to be a swinger, it’s the wife and kids life for me!

  6. Marshall Sutton says:

    My cure is spending time with my wife. After a day of handling my more-than-a-handful two-year-old, her touch is about all I need.

  7. Lisa says:

    Nice that your friend is so supportive. Awesome post.
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  8. Kate Ex says:

    I have so many remedies… cooking, reading, watching bad Lifetime movies, listening to ELO, cat macros… especially cat macros :)

  9. I have two things that really help when I have a bad day. I have recently gotten into meditation and have been trying that when I have a bad day which really has seemed to help.

    And before I discovered meditation I would go to the movies. Getting lost in a movie in the theater always seemed to make the bad day go away for me.
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  10. Shelby says:

    My cure for a bad day?
    Baking a batch of cookies and catching up on my Hulu shows.
    Or, if it’s been a really bad day, I have my own dance party and dance it off.

  11. Erin B says:

    What helps me when I have a bad day, and when snuggling with my significant other isnt an option, I listen to a few songs that remind me of being with her.
    Firelight – Wrapped In Your Arms
    Imogen Heap – The Walk
    Christina Perri – Mine
    All of these are awesome to just listen to and reflect, but the best part (for me that is) is singing with it. I find that always helps just a bit more then listening only.

  12. nilla says:

    Well, hands down the best cure for a bad day is a good masturbation!!

    Course, I need permission first from da Man…which involves a fair amount of back n forth texting.

    But if my day has been truly horrid (like last week when I found out that my job was being eliminated, leaving me workless …eep!)…Master kindly gave me an orgasm without too much fuss.

    Of course…the fuss is part of it, too, for me anyway. Having to ask. Having to bite my nails when He decides yes or no. Or coming up with a good argument when He asks “why should I agree to this?”

    Sorry your day was sucky. I very much relate.


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  13. Plummy says:

    First of all, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have been making my way through the back entries–I enjoy it quite a bit! :) Whenever I’m having a terrible day, I grab my backpack and go on a hike. If I find a nice place, I’ll sit and sketch for a bit. It’s really being outdoors, by myself, that does the trick for me and brings me out of the ‘bad day’ mindset.

  14. Kay says:

    Those Samoa cookies from the girl scouts, snuggles with my dog, a strong strong bear hug from the hubbs, a passion f*ck, and to sip Johnny Walker blue label after it all. Preferably in that order!

  15. Paul says:

    Mine might be a bit weird, but: showering in the dark.

    No idea why, but with the bathroom fully closed off and lights out, having a shower (has to be SUPER-hot… almost scalding) in pitch-darkness is kind of a weird sensory-deprivation-chamber kind of thing which I find unbelievably refreshing.

    • Plummy says:

      Paul, I do that too! Whenever I’m feeling physically bad (sick, headache, etc) or depressed in a way that is hard to shake, I love showering in the dark. Cool to find out it’s not just me. :)

  16. Katie says:

    After a really awful day, I go home, turn the music up as loud as I think I can get away with, and curl up into a ball on the couch.

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