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Frank paced nervously in his hotel room. Less than 15 minutes before, he had hung up the phone after talking to the concierge. Having money was new to him, having just hit the lottery a few months ago, but his new, equally rich friends all assured him that hotel concierges were happy to accommodate requests such as his.

Requests for beautiful women who didn’t mind getting a little…rough…after dinner.

Frank wondered how much he should tip. If the concierge came through for him, after all.

There was a light knock. Now or never, thought Frank. He still felt like this might all be an elaborate joke, and that a $15 hooker with no teeth would be standing on the other side of the door when he opened it.

He opened the door and immediately took a step back. The woman standing before him was gorgeous and, as he had hoped, extremely classy looking. She wore a short, copper-colored, sequined dress that perfectly showed off her curves and her long, dark hair made her green eyes pop. She was stunning.

And tonight, she belonged to him.

“I’m Gina,” she said, daintily offering her hand. He kissed it.

“Frank. Are you ready for dinner? I have reservations.”

Gina dropped her bag inside the door and they headed to the elevators. As Frank led her to the hotel’s fine dining restaurant, he hoped he was being suave. It made him nervous to be out with Gina, because all he could think about was what her tight body would look like undressed. He had booked her for the entire night; his new bankroll allowed him to do that, but as he watched her coyly smile and chat during dinner, he realized that he would have gladly paid for this experience even before he got lucky a few months ago. Being with her made him feel more lucky than winning a huge prize ever could. Frank wasn’t an unattractive man, but he had certainly never been out with a 10 like Gina. He liked the stares other guys and even some other women were giving them.

“Shall we?”

Gina suggested that they skip the show he had mentioned attending after dinner and instead focused on “getting to know one another a little better” back in his room. Frank happily agreed. Truth told, he hadn’t even purchased the tickets. His hand on the small of her back, Frank led Gina to the elevators and soon they we back to his suite.

“Do you mind if I get a little more comfortable?” Gina asked, batting her eyelashes.

“Not at all.”

Her fingers lightly played with the waist of his pants. “Maybe you should get a little more comfortable too.”

She slipped into the bathroom with her bed, and Frank pulled off his button-down shirt and undershirt. She emerged in an ornate black corset that perfectly cupped her large breasts and a black lace thong. Her nipples were perk, brown, and just slightly puffly, and Frank couldn’t help but lightly touch one with his fingertips when she walked over to him.

She was also wearing, as he requested, a black collar. He opened the dresser drawer where he had collected several items for the evening and pulled out a short leash. Gina looked up at him, he green eyes flashing with excitement as he clipped the leash to her collar and pulled gently to bring her mouth to his. Her arms wrapped around he bare shoulders made him tingle.

“You are gorgeous,” he whispered, and Gina blushed. “My cock has wanted you since the moment I saw you.”

Gina reached down and stroked his already-hard cock through his pants, but he swatted her hands away.

“Nuh-uh. Tonight, you have to ask for permission.”

“Whatever you want.”

“And you will call me sir.”

“Yes, sir,” she said quietly, with a small smile.

“If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say my name.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” he said, his nerves melting away as he fell into his role as a dom. “Put your hands behind your head and lace your fingers together. Stand straight and tall and spread your legs. Whenever I tell you to get into position, this is how you stand.”

“Okay, sir.”

Frank’s hands travels along the curves of her breasts, fully exposed to him with her stance, and down to her panties. He worked his hand inside and found her slit already wet and waiting for him.

“I think someone likes being told what to do,” he said as his fingers found her clit and rubbed it gently. He tugged on her leash again and when their lips met, she kissed him hungrily. Frank pulled her panties down to her ankles. He tugged the leash in a downward motion.

“Squat,” he commanded, positioning two fingers at the entrance to her pussy.

Gina did, her hands still behind her head, and her toned thighs trembling as she tried to remain standing despite squatting in her stilettos. As she lowered herself, Frank’s fingers slid up into her and a small moan escaped her lips. Her pussy was tight and wet, gripping around his fingers and Frank moved them in and out a bit. She was so vulnerable in this position. His cock strained against his pants.

“Get on all fours. On the coffee table.”

Gina moved to the table and he unzipped his pants, releasing his cock and pulling out his large balls. Precum glistened from the tip of his cock, and he rubbed it on Gina’s face. He breasts hung and he legs were slightly spread, revealing a perfect view of her pussy and asshole.

God daaaaaamn, Frank thought as he circled her to take in the view. He dipped a finger into her pussy again to feel her wetness, then pulled it out and slowly inched it into her tight asshole. Gina moaned, but didn’t ask him to stop. He wiggled his finger in deeper for a moment, making her moan and pant more, then moved to the dresser to pull out an anal plug, complete with tail.

“You’re like a bitch in heat, so I think you should look like one, don’t you?”

“Mmmm, hmmmmm…” Gina said, as he lubed the toy and began to force it inside of her.

“Is that how you talk to me?” he asked, smacking her pussy.

Gina yelped. “I mean, yes sir.”

“Good girl.” He pushed the plug harder and it popped into place. “Wiggle that ass for me, little girl.”

She obliged, the tail shaking like an excited puppy, and he circled to stand in front her her again.

“Show me how much you like being my little pet,” he said, his cock in her face.

Gina knew what she was doing. She took the tip of him in her mouth, gently and sucked slowly at first, before opening wider to take more of his cock down her throat. She began to bob her head and gagged slightly every time her hit the back of her throat. Frank couldn’t help but groan with pleasure. His hands entwined in her hair, he thrust into her, her welcoming lips touching the based of cock with every thrust.

He pulled out completely, her saliva dripping from his cock and her mouth, and pulled her hair hard so she was looking up at him. “You fucking love sucking cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, wincing as he snapped her head back farther.

“You probably want my cock in your pussy, don’t you? I bet you even want it in your ass.”

“Yes, sir, I want your cock. Please fuck me.”

He smacked her check with his cock. “Not yet, little girl. First stand up and shake your tail for me. I want to see you dance.”

He sat back on the couch, cock in hand, and watched Gina dance. Her ass bounced, shaking the tail, and he stroked his cock slowly, trying not to get too excited. She looked perfect…except for one thing.

Frank pulled clamps with small purple jewels on them from the dresser. He walked over to Gina and commanded her to stop dancing and get into position. Her arms behind her head left her full exposed and he attached a clamp to each nipple. Gina cried out at the pain as each clamped onto her, but didn’t stop him. The jewels sparkled as then dangled from her tits and he flicked one gently, making it tug on her nipple.

“I think you get a little reward for taking the pain,” he said with a smile. “Stay in position, don’t you dare move.”

Her back straightened a bit and took her in, looking at her from head to toe, before moving between her legs. The plug was beginning to slip from her ass so he pushed it in again, making her gasp. His fingers found her pussy again and his lips found her clit.

“Spread wider,” he commanded, and as she did, he slipped a third and then a fourth finger into her hole. His tongue didn’t give her clit a break, licking and flicking, as he moved his fingers in her pussy, stretching her out even more. She cried out with pleasure, struggling to remain in position, as he moved his entire fist into her. Her juices flowed over his fingers as she came, convulsing, barely able to remain standing.

Frank pushed her into the bedroom and onto the bed and in one swoop, tied her hands to the headboard where he had attached restraints earlier in the day. She was still breathing hard from cumming. Her attached a spreader bar to her ankles for easy access to her sore pussy and she moaned loudly as his fingers slipped into her again. Her juices were already making the bed wet, which made Frank’s cock even harder. She was a beautiful mess. He worked his hand inside her again, and she strained against the restraints.

“You like it when I fist fuck you, don’t you? You’re like having your dirty holes filled completely by me. Maybe I should fill them all at once.”

Gina moaned, her eyes nearly rolling back as her fisted her hard.

“What was that? Speak up.”


Frank pulled a glass toy our of arsenal and thrust it into her soaking pussy, making her scream out in pleasure at the coolness of the toy. He removed his pants completely, then straddled her face and dipped his balls into her mouth.

“Suck them, bitch,” he commanded, reaching down to thrust the toy in her cunt and wiggle the plug still deep in her ass. She hungrily licked and sucked his balls, her moans vibrating through him as she worked. She couldn’t get away. She was could move. She couldn’t stop.

And she didn’t want to.

“Please will you fuck me? I want your cock, sir.”

He pushed the glass dildo in her as far as it would go, making her moan loudly. “What? This isn’t good enough for you?” He smacked her cheek gently. “You fucking slut, you better suck my cock before asking me again to fuck you. You’re lucky I’m even letting you do that.”

She took him in her mouth and he fucked her face. Hard. When she gagged, he ignored it, instead forcing himself deeper down her throat for his pleasure. Gina’s tongue moved against his cock, stroking it with every thrust. Her eye makeup ran down her face as he fucked her, helpless on the bed, and the toy slipped out of her pussy as she grew even wetter.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it all over her face. “Aren’t you lucky?”

“Yes, sir,” she spit at him through her teeth. He tugged on the nipple clamps, still in place, and she help back a scream.

“Tell me again how much you want me to fuck you.”

“I want to feel your hard cock in me. I want your cock to fill me and thrust into me until I cum again.”

“I bet you say that to all the boys.” Frank said with a smirk, and slapped her cock with his face. “You’re a little cum dumpster, aren’t you.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You like it when a strange man uses you, don’t you?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Maybe I don’t want your used pussy. Maybe I want that tight asshole of yours. What do you think about that?”

“Mmmmmm….fuck my ass, please, sir.”

Frank moved to Gina’s feet and pulled the spread bar up to her bound hands so she was fulled exposed, ass out, feet over he head. “You hold onto this bar and don’t let go.”

“Yes, sir.”

He slid the plug out of her ass, which gaped and before she could clench, he slide his hard cock in completely. She gasped as she took him in and her asshole gripped around him. He held still in her ass, but moved the dildo in her pussy, and she moaned loudly.

“I think someone needs to be gagged.” Frank picked up his dirty boxers from the bed, where he had taken them off early and, while still in her ass, reached up and stuffed them in her mouth until she was completely gagged.

“Dirty whore, god you are so beautiful like that.”

He began to thrust in her ass, taking her, claiming her, if only for the night. Gina’s back arched and her screams were muffled by the makeshift gag. Frank lost himself in the motion of his thrusts, and soon he was on the verge of cumming.

“I’m going to cum in you, you dirty cum slut,” he grunted, removing the gag from her mouth. “What do you think about that?”

“Mmmmmm….cum for me sir, fill up my ass, I want your cum in me…”

She babbled, overcome with pleasure and he released with a loud groan, his cock throbbing. Spurt after spurt, he came deep in her. He held still for a moment, breathing hard, then in one easy motion, slipped out of her and slipped the plug back in, wiggling it deep in her ass.

“You like having my cum in you, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl. You can let go of the bar.” She did, and he released her ankles from it, but kept her hands tied above her head. Frank laid beside her, removing the nipple clamps gently and caressed her nipples aimlessly.

“I paid for the whole night.”

“Yes.” She said, mindfully dropping the sir.

“You can go if you want.”

“That’s okay,” she said with a smile.

“No, really, I’ll untie you, you don’t have to stay.”

“I want to.”


“Yes. And I don’t mind being tied up right now for a little while longer if you like it.”

“I do.”

Frank bent down and took a nipple in her mouth and she let out a sigh. “I like that you claimed my ass.”

“I bet you say that to all the boys,” he saidĀ again with a smile.

“Maybe,” she said coyly.

“It’s a nice little ass,” he said, reaching down to wiggle the toy in her, reminding her of his cum still deep inside her.

She let out another little moan, and Frank couldn’t resist. He moved down and kissed her thighs, softly, and she moved her legs open to give him access to her clit and pussy again. His fingers found her clit and he began to rub hard and fast.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned softly, her back arching again.

And soon she was cumming again, the plug still deep in her ass. Frank didn’t let up even as she tried to clamp her legs together to protect her sensitive clit.

“Keep open, baby” he whispered, as he continued to rub her clit. He moved just one finger in her until he found her g-spot, and he began to finger it softly as he kept going on her clit.

“Fuck. FUCK.” She bucked against him and came again, juices pouring from her, and then her body went limp with exhaustion. He kissed her thigh again and trailed little pecks up her body before kissing her hard on the mouth while he untied her arm restraints.

After cleaning up, she spent the night naked in his arms, even though he had only paid to midnight. And in the morning, she woke him up by sinking her pussy onto his morning wood. He groaned awake, propped himself up slightly on his pillow, and sleepily watched her work.

“That’s right, my toy. Fuck me.” Her breasts bounced and she rubbed her clit as she fucked him.

She used his hard cock to get off quickly with a cry, and he came inside her with long, tired throbs. “Stay the week.”

“I can’t. I have another engagement tonight.”

“Fuck him. I mean…don’t fuck him. The sex will be better with me.”

She smirked and went into the bathroom to shower. “This isn’t Pretty Woman, you know,” she called to him.

When Frank heard the water running, he called the concierge and asked to be connected to Gina’s agency.

“How much to get her to cancel all of her other appointments while I’m in town this week.”

A gruff voice told him the price, ten times what he paid for just one night. He happily gave his credit card number and joined Gina in the steamy shower. Her perfect tits were sudsy, and he tweaked them. “No need to worry about that other client. You’re mine until my flight leaves next Thursday.”

She beamed up at him through the steam. “I was hoping you were going to say that.”

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    Excellent story. More!!

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      Thank you, Fred! More is coming. :)

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