3 Responses to “Green Eyed and Learning How Not to be Jealous Anymore”

  1. How very honest, and most people don’t admit this. My favorite part was the sarcastic statement that relationship built on lies is a good idea.
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  2. Dan says:

    Rori, you are such a lady to post this honest, common, ugly mark we all seem to have. Before reading Opening Up by Tristan Taormino…


    I was jealous of my wife’s a) two cats b) chiropractor c) massage therapist. When not on the same page, she still got her touch needs met and I resented it. And we are not even talking sex here! Yes, and I was pissed at her being basically a green eyed lady as you wonderfully and honestly admit to be. (I so wish she’d fess up like you.)

    I’m basically your average monogamous man with whoring eyes. And, I pretty much am fortunate to have full rein to look at talk about looking. And yet, starting to talk to the ex now about the kids and all at Christmas–you hit the proverbial head and nail spot with this post. I feel like cheating just calling the ex-wife and not telling the now wife. I don’t think this ever goes away.

    Hots and pants off to Cash for loving you the way you are.

  3. Jean says:

    Reading this was refreshing and I can empathize – I have bouts with insecurity too. But like you said, honesty helps work through it. If you just mask it, the issue never has a chance to go away.

    I equate jealously to fear. Afraid of not obtaining or losing something close. I think it’s pretty common.. But like you, I’m trying to have a little more faith that good things can come and I’m enough to be fine if something doesn’t work out. Great post. You do seem like a cool chick.
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