4 Responses to “Giveaway: Overcome Your Sexual Shyness in 2013 with Astroglide”

  1. MOL says:

    I find these adult subject very helpful. Many couples and not only, have different issues regarding sex and these stories/advices/comments help.
    At least it’s my case :)

  2. leuk says:

    I think it would be more useful if we could teach the children some facts regarding “sex”. Adults may resolve their problem on their own, but the kids may have their own kids!

  3. Melindah says:

    Knowledge is indeed power. In this age of information, a couple’s sex problems are immediately answered. Thank you internet!

  4. Dan says:

    Your expert, Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, said:
    “Get to know yourself. It’s hard to express yourself or let a lover know your likes and what you want unless you take the time for elf-exploration first. So take the time to masturbate.”

    Yes, the good doctor is right. Married and older now, I still have a goal for me/us of one Ceremonial Wank and two Grand Bonks a week. I can control only one of these events 100% however; and that’s “me” time. I start with finding a better word than “defilement by hand” which is the etymology of the word “masturbation”. Besides using my hand, I use mental images, fantasies, of course. No hope w/o these. I even verbalize conversations here of late. My Beloved supports me in this, which is nice. Even from afar. I prefer outdoors in the sunshine as I dry by solar power, seated in a chair after a shower. The wank, time with Rosie Palm, Me time; finding better words than masturbate can help. But I also use this word as it is rather nasty. Which is nice.

    I find as I get older I need to use lube. And if I’m not on my game desire wise, I need lube AND to watch a YouTube for inspiration or whatever. Dedicated Wank Time keeps one’s erotic artistry fine tuned, no? We owe our lovers this, seems to me.

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