Cum here, baby…


Come Cum here, baby. Cum play with my pussy, wet, open, hungry for your fingers. Cum slip a finger inside me, maybe two. Mmmmm…feels so good. Two fingers and you’re already so tight in me, baby.

Let me rub my juicy clit while you finger my pussy, baby. I’m so wet for you already. Oh god, right there. Mmm, that’s perfect.

I want to fucking cum. I want to cum hard, fast, loud, all over your cock. Fuck me, baby, fuck me slowly, feel me throbbing around you, trying to suck you into my tight, little cunt. Fuck me, my legs over your shoulders, the head of your cock rubbing against my g-spot with every thrust.

Don’t lose control, baby. Slow down and really fuuuuuuuck me. Feel every bit of wetness, every bit of me, clenched around your shaft. Listen to the juices sucking at you with every thrust, urging you to burst inside of me.

When you can’t hold back, when you can’t stay on that edge any longer, cum for me. Cum long, spurt after spurt of hot cum spraying into me, your cock throbbing, your arms not strong enough to hold you up. Collapse on me, a sweaty pile of limbs, kiss my neck, slowly pull out of my pussy, your head lingering inside just one moment more.

Love me. Fucking love me.

Sorry, I was having a moment. We now return to your regularly scheduled submissive Rori….

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About Rori

Rori is the founder of Between My Sheets. She works full time as a writer, reviewer, and online educator and can be reached at


  1. peter912 November 27, 2009 at 2:25 pm -  Reply

    Nice story.

  2. Mavis January 8, 2010 at 12:11 am -  Reply

    come & talk to me some more.

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