Several types of advertising are available on Between My Sheets. A few points before I go over them:

  • I do not accept link exchanges (even three-way). Read my policy here.
  • With very few exceptions, I do not do book reviews. You may, however, be interested in writing a guest post if you’re promoting a book.
  • All payments are via PayPal, which allows you to pay with your credit/debt card, a check, or your own PayPal balance.
  • My one-sheet or traffic information is available upon request.
  • Email contact:

Text Advertising

All text advertising is on the sidebar under “Visit My Sponsors, Affiliates, and Friends.” You may change the text or URL at any time during your advertising period.

  • One Month: $15
  • One Year: $150
  • One Year, 3+ Links: $120 per link

Banner Advertising

Most banner advertising is on the sidebar under “Visit My Sponsors, Affiliates, and Friends.” If you’re interested in another location on my blog, please specify what interests you and I will let you know if I can accommodate your request.

  • 125×125 pixels: $50 per month
  • 125×250 pixels: $80 per month
  • 250×250 pixels: $150 per month

Other sizes are available (these are just the most popular). Discounts are available for a year or more paid in advance or multiple banner ads. Banner ads can be static or moving gifs, and images can be explicit.

Sponsored Posts

  • $55+ per post, depending on your options

Sponsored posts are posts that I write for my blog (or you can provide the content, subject to approval). They include a note at the beginning that they are sponsored by your website/company, including a link back to your site. Additional links are available within the post. You can choose the topic or I can choose a topic that fits with your site’s theme and engages my readers. Sponsored posts do not contain links to any sites other than yours and Between My Sheets.

Sponsored Videos

Videos can be placed within a post or on the sidebar. They must be hosted elsewhere so I can embed the play (i.e., I do not host video files).

  • In a single post: $200 (also includes up to two links in the text of the post)
  • On the sidebar: $200 per month

Sponsored Travel

Interested in sponsored my travel to a sexy location or adult conference/tradeshow? Let’s work together. In exchange for airfare and accommodations, we can put together a sponsorship package including things like sidebar advertising, sponsored posts, posts written for your website as a correspondent, booth time at tradeshows, feedback on major review sites for destinations, email promotion to my list, and more. Each travel sponsorship package is unique.

If you have another sponsorship or advertising deal in mind, simply email me at with specifics!

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