2014 Educational Post of the Year: Emergency Contraception: Know the Facts by Elle Chase

Today, I’m proud to announce the 2014 winners in the last Post of the Year category: Education. Like with the Erotica category (winners here) and Op-Ed category (winners here), I got a boatload of amazing, unique nominations, and to say that picking a winner was tough is an understatement.

In the end, I choose the winner because of the incredible amount of work that clearly went into the post, including the number of reputable sources linked within the post, and the clarity given to the topic, which is difficult to understand, but which every who is sexually active *should* understand.

The 2014 Educational Post of the Year Winner is:

Emergency Contraception: Know the Facts by Elle Chase

A short excerpt:

How is a responsible vagina owner supposed to know what the policy is in her state? There’s conflicting information even with the most specific of Google searches and a difference of opinion among pharmacists that I’ve asked over the last six months. It’s been very confusing to say the least.

For the winners of the other categories, I’ve pulled longer excerpts, but the fact of the matter is, this post is SO FULL of specific information, that pulling just a piece of it wouldn’t do it justice.

Please read this post and share it with anyone you know who is sexually active, especially young adults who may feel like they have no options or who may be relying on incorrect information. Too many schools teach an abstinence-only curriculum, which does little more than shame students and contribute to the number of unwanted pregnancies.

And now, the runner-up winners, who also wrote awesome sexual education posts that are super important to read:

  • 2014 Educational Post of the Year Runner-Up: How Porous is Your Sex Toy? Why Does it Matter? by Dangerous Lilly

If you own sex toys, review sex toys, or encourage others to use sex toys, you really need to understand materials used to make toys and whether or not each type of material is safe to use. I absolutely love how vocal Lilly is about toxic toys, but this post is about a topic that is just as important, since porous toys can also be unsafe, even if they are not make of toxic materials.

  • 2014 Educational Post of the Year 2nd Runners-Up:
    • “Female” Ejaculation by Dr. Victoria Reuveni
    • The Slutty Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Blow Jobs by Bitch Brunette

I couldn’t decide between these posts – they’re really two sides to the same coin. Both are PACKED with information. Both can help you explore your own sexuality. Both can help you enjoy time with your partner more. And isn’t that what sex blogging is all about anyway?

THANK YOU to everyone for all of the awesome nominations.

Speaking of nominations…The Top Sex Blogger List is coming up. Originally, I was going to close nominations on October 27, but I’ve decided to keep them open until October 31, so you can get your last-minute nominations is. This deadline will NOT be extended, so make sure you comment on the nominations post now to help celebrate your favorite sex bloggers!