466 Responses to “Nominations are Open for Top Sex Bloggers of 2013!”

  1. Girly Girl Loves says:

    yay,love your list

    my nominations:

    anal amy http://anal-amy.com/
    curvaceous dee http://curvaceousdee.com/
    marie rebelle http://rebelsnotes.com/

    can’t wait to read all the blogs on the list

  2. Darbie Smith says:

    The most entertaining and seriously sexy one i have run across!
    My nomination is…


  3. OK, my nominations are usually the same, but here they are again. I nominate, in no particular order:

    Emma Whispers from Dirty Little Whispers – dirtylittlewhispers.com
    Blacksilk from Being Blacksilk – beingblacksilk.com
    Jillian Boyd from Lady Laid Bare – barenakedlady.wordpress.com
    Lady Pandorah from her Sanctuary – ladypandorah.com

    And two ones I haven’t nominated before:

    Girl on the Net – girlonthenet.com
    Space Bunny from Space Bunny Kink – spacebunnykink.wordpress.com
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  4. Jillian Boyd says:

    Crikey, that time of the year again? Right, here we go.

    My nominations are as follows :

    Emma Whispers – Dirty Little Whispers http://www.dirtylittlewhispers.com/

    Epiphora – Hey Epiphora http://www.heyepiphora.com/

    Blacksilk – Being Blacksilk http://beingblacksilk.com/

    Innocent Loverboy – http://innocentloverboy.blogspot.co.uk/

    Nikki Blue and Heather Cole – Vagina Antics http://vaginaantics.com/

    Girl on the Net – http://www.girlonthenet.com/

    And of course, the lovely Lady Pandorah and her Sanctuary – http://ladypandorah.com/

    Good luck to everyone, and a toast to another year of sexy blogging.

    x Jillian
    Jillian Boyd recently posted..Eat DustMy Profile

  5. Josephine_kk says:


  6. Baby Godzilla says:

    Penny: http://pennysdirtythoughts.com/ Her blog has grown so much this past year! I’d love to see her get some recognition.

  7. mysticlez says:

    my nominations are:

    Domme Chronicles http://www.domme-chronicles.com/
    Dumb Domme http://dumbdomme.com/
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  8. Anthony Davis says:


    I’m putting in my friend Lori in for the best sex blog for 2013, here’s her blog.


  9. HS says:

    Any sex blogger list is incomplete without my favorite – http://www.sexwithrose.com/

  10. Lily Hastings says:

    I’d like to nominate my three absolute favourite blogs:

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    A Slut’s Memoir

    Kink & Poly

    Thanks Rori,

    Lily xxx

  11. severin says:

    I nominate “Changing Views” http://ourchangingviews.wordpress.com/

    She is my lover and mistress and writes filthy things that get me so turned on.

  12. Heather and Nikki! Http://www.vaginaantics.com

  13. Anastassia says:

    I nominate the following:

    Desi Daasi – http://blog.desidaasi.com/?zx=ab29cfc795ddd2a6

    Gritty Woman – http://grittywoman.co.uk/

    Down The Rabbit Hole – http://littlegirllost.net/

    Fondlers Anonymous – http://fondles.blogspot.com/

    Her Private Island – http://herprivateisland.com/

    Master Dreams Precious Treasure – http://masterdreamsprecioustreasure.com/flog/

    Penny – http://pennysdirtythoughts.com/

    Bre – http://ownedcollaredloved.com/

    Understanding Flutterby – http://understandingflutterby.wordpress.com/
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  14. Sarah @ Marvelous-Darling.con says:

    Definitely nominating my dear Sex-ational!

    http://www.sex-ational.com !

  15. Anastassia says:

    My nominations are:

    Desi Daasi – http://blog.desidaasi.com/

    Down The Rabbit Hole – http://littlegirllost.net/

    Fondlers Anonymous – http://fondles.blogspot.com/

    Gritty Woman – http://grittywoman.co.uk/

    Master Dream’s Precious Treasure – http://masterdreamsprecioustreasure.com/flog/

    Bre – http://ownedcollaredloved.com/

    Understanding Flutterby – http://understandingflutterby.wordpress.com/
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  16. Cara Thereon says:


    I’d like to nominate
    G: https://filledandfooled.wordpress.com/
    Panty Parade: offgothepanties.com
    Kayla Lords: kaylalords.com
    I’m blanking on others… There are so many good ones!

  17. Kellie says:

    Every question seems like it is written just for me. I love this site!! The answers are very informative and I understand everything when all is done and said. I nominate this site whole heartedly! !!!

  18. Beck says:

    I’d like to nominate

    The Sin Doll – http://thesindoll.com
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  19. Bre says:

    My nominations:

    My Sex Life With Lola: http://mysexlifewithlola.com/

    Desi Daasi: http://blog.desidaasi.com/

    Master Dream’s precious treasure:

    Kitten’s Pawprints in Slavery: http://pawprintsinslavery.blogspot.com/

    Kink and Poly: http://www.kinkandpoly.com

    Diary of an Owned Slave: http://diaryofanownedslave.com
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  20. LoriandHubby says:

    I would like to nominate

    Kink and Poly http://kinkandpoly.com/

    I have some others , but I have to make sure they are old enough.

    Does multiple nominations make a difference or should we refrain from nominating ones that are already?

    • Rori says:

      Judging is super subjective, but when I see a TON of people nominating the same blog, it does make me stop and think twice about it. So nominate away! :)

      (Plus, most of the bloggers nominated check out this list to see who nominated them, and it’s an awesome way to tell another blogger “Hey, I really think you’re the bee’s knees!”)

  21. LoriandHubby says:

    Another nomination… She’s 13 years old. :) very dedicated to sex education and a great place to learn.
    Clitical Jenne at http://clitical.com/
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  22. Joe Kickass says:

    I nominate Vagina Antics. http://www.vaginaantics.com

  23. H.H. says:

    Here’s a partial list (for now) of our faves:

    Emma Whispers of http://www.dirtylittlewhispers.com

    CC of closed2.wordpress.com

    Caitlyn of lovesexandmarriage.wordpress.com

    All the lovely ladies (and men) at coedtoplesspulpfiction.wordpress.com

    The mistress of confessionsofyourhusbandsmistress.wordpress.com

    Bre of ownedcollaredloved.com

    And Fatal of yougotomyhead.wordpress.com

    Also, can you please post something about the horrible censorship at WordPress? They shut down many (hundreds, thousands? I don’t know) sex bloggers for NO reason whatsoever and without giving us notice! Thanks so much!
    H.H. recently posted..ShamelessMy Profile

    • Rori says:

      That’s such a shame about the WordPress thing, I had not heard about that. I had heard about Blogger basically no longer allowing ads if you have adult content and Tumblr removing adult content from search. I’ve always been an advocate of self-hosting, which costs less per month than most people spend on coffee. Sorry that happened to you. :(

    • They shut down two sex bloggers from what I heard. Even if it was more than that, it was definitely nowhere near hundreds or thousands. It was annoying, immoral and an affront to free speech for sure… but not an apocalypse at the magnitude you’re thinking!
      Innocent Loverboy recently posted..Second GearMy Profile

      • H.H. says:

        Hey Mr. Innocent,
        I’m not sure how well connected you are, but prior to WP shutting us down, we were reading all sorts of posts from people on WP telling us that they got shut down or that their fellow bloggers got shut down. We didn’t take it too seriously because we were under the impression that those people were being shut down for having posted paid links or ads on their blogs and we knew that we didn’t do that and we also knew it was against WP terms and conditions. So we thought we were in the clear until we returned from our 4th of July weekend to find we too were shut down. When we wrote to WP to complain and appeal, they said we were shut down due to the “pornographic content” of our blog. They didn’t give us warning. They didn’t give us a chance to remove images or other content they found objectionable. They didn’t tell us what they found objectionable. They just shut us down. BAM! Luckily a fellow blogger (Michael of Molly’s Daily Kiss) came to our aid and helped us salvage what we could. After we were shut down we heard from other WP bloggers who had been shut down as well. So, if that’s just in our small community, I imagine that lots of bloggers got shut down. I see no reason to defend WP for their censorship or horrible customer policy. Thanks.

        • I’m in no way defending WordPress or anything they did. In my comment I even said, “it was annoying, immoral and an affront to free speech for sure.”

          I was also aware of this while it was happening, with your blog actually being the first one I noticed as having been closed down.

          Thankfully, a lot of bloggers (yourself included) have managed to salvage their posts, with the help of people such as Mike who you mentioned, or migrated to self-hosting, but I do wonder how many people migrated due to fear, rather than an actual threat.

          While I’m well aware that this happened, I just don’t think it happened at the magnitude you’re suggesting. It must have been absolutely terrible for it to happen to your blog, and it’s totally the fault of WP for twisting their own terms of use to suit whatever it was they were wanting to achieve. But suggesting that it happened to hundreds and/or thousands of bloggers is perhaps an overestimate.
          Innocent Loverboy recently posted..Second GearMy Profile

  24. Helen says:

    I nominate Emma Whispers. Great reviews and soul wrenching poetry


  25. I’d like to nominate

    HH and Lola from http://mysexlifewithlola.com

    John D from http://www.johndstories.co.uk

    Jilly Boyd from http://barenakedlady.wordpress.com

    Innocent Lover Boy from http://innocentloverboy.blogspot.co.uk

    Rebel from http://rebelsnotes.com
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  26. Heaven says:

    Sorry I got one more but was not sure how long they were around for.

  27. loat says:

    I nominate:

    HH and Lola from http://mysexlifewithlola.com

    Vagina antics. Vaginaantics.com

    Cammies on the floor http://cammiesonthefloor.blogspot.com/

    gemma at http://swinginggemma.blogspot.com

  28. John says:

    I’d like to nominate the sites:

    Advizor – http://advizortoall.blogspot.co.uk/ – for running the FFF meme and some super stories

    Cammies – http://cammiesonthefloor.blogspot.com/ – great blog run by a pair of sexy sisters

    Dirty Little Whispers – http://www.dirtylittlewhispers.com/ – Wonderful blog by the cheeky Miss Whispers!

    ErosBlog – http://www.erosblog.com/ – always great, insightful and slightly random posts

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  29. Lizzie Grey says:

    My heart belongs to http://www.mydissolutelife.com; N is thoughtful, revealing, smart, and sexy…
    and I can say the same things about DD- she’s wonderful: http://www.dumbdomme.com.

    Both blogs boast superior writing quality too- who says you can’t have it all?

  30. Kaithar says:

    Nominating the ever enjoyable Kara http://karasutrareviews.com/

  31. Toy Addict says:

    I nominate Gritty Woman http://grittywoman.co.uk/
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  32. I’d like to nominate my favorite blogger. I love so many different blogs, but she’s my go-to blogger.

    TJtheMadHatter recently posted..Package of the Day – My First Cleis Press BooksMy Profile

  33. Emily says:

    I nominate my favorites:

    Epiphora – Hey Epiphora http://www.heyepiphora.com/

    Erika Moen – http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/

  34. Not As Innocent as They Think says:

    I nominate mysexlifewithlola.com I just recently discovered them, but it’s a riveting and sexy read! <3 you Lola and HH!

  35. vicvista says:

    I’d like to nominate the sites:

    My Sex Life With Lola: http://mysexlifewithlola.com/

    Pervertically Virtuous: http://perverticallyvirtuous.com/

    ~ Vista
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  36. I would like to nominate a couple of my favorite blogs here:

    http://kinketc.com/ All you ever wanted to know about kink and lot more besides…

    http://tjthemadhatter.com/ Great energy and posts can be found here
    CliticalJenne recently posted..Interview: Alison TylerMy Profile

  37. My nomination is Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts

    Lust for Love recently posted..How to Remove Back Hair PermanentlyMy Profile

  38. My nomination is Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts

    Lust for Life recently posted..How to Get Easy and Painless Bikini Hair RemovalMy Profile

  39. I would like to nominate (in no particular order):

    Treasure: http://masterdreamsprecioustreasure.com/flog/

    Padme: http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com/

    Red Vinyl Kitty recently posted..OrchieMy Profile

  40. Eric Sprankle says:

    I nominate Geeky Nymph at http://www.geekynymph.com

  41. ThatPosition says:

    We would like to nominate Rebel’s Notes http://rebelsnotes.com/
    I always get back to her blog.
    And also lovely Lori http://kinketc.com/ – She has expanded a lot since we know her. Very active with her pictures and blog, You will hear about Lori more and more. I see big potential.

  42. LoriandHubby says:

    I have a few more to add. Of course they have already been nominated, but they are great blogs!

    Cara Sutra http://carasutra.co.uk/
    Marie Rebel http://rebelsnotes.com/

    and these that I think haven’t been added yet.

    Cliterati http://www.cliterati.co.uk/
    Mrs JoJo http://naughty-corner.com/
    Despina Rose http://www.purplepassions.net/
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  43. T.J. says:

    I nominate rebelsnotes.com

  44. Nominating a few of my faves, in no particular order:

    Dangerous Lily http://dangerouslilly.com/
    True Pleasures http://truepleasuresreviews.com/
    Hey Epiphora http://heyepiphora.com
    Lorax of Sex http://loraxofsex.com/
    Ruffled Sheets http://ruffledsheets.com/
    Sugarcunt Writes http://www.sugarcuntwrites.com/

    and done!
    ❣ Kara_Sutra (@Kara_Sutra) recently posted..Review: Divine Interventions Baby Jesus Butt PlugMy Profile

  45. J.K. says:

    I nominate the lovely and incredibly informative Kara Sutra at: http://karasutrareviews.com/

  46. Neil says:

    My first nomination has to be http://t.co/b4D0ZjrNdn

    Am looking forward to seeing the contenders

  47. Chris says:

    My sex life with Lola is my nomination.

  48. kathy says:


  49. Josh says:

    I would love to see some support for VulgarVag, smart, informative, personal and all around well written: http://vulgarvag.wordpress.com/

  50. JH says:

    I would like to nominate:

    Monogamy Paradigm: monogamyparadigm.blogspot.com.

    It is an awesome blog written by the female half of a couple who transitioned from an open relationship from a monogamous relationship. She writes about her experiences as a swinger/poly/queer woman.

  51. Anastassia says:

    Also, I see two people have already nominated me. My blog originally started on Blogger. I have been blogging for nearly three years and recently, this year, moved to word press.

  52. slapshot says:

    My two favorites are:

    “Domme Chronicles” http://www.domme-chronicles.com/ By the incredibly lovely Ferns.

    “Dumb Domme” http://dumbdomme.com/ Don’t let the name fool you, she is actually quite smart and wonderful.

  53. Erin Grace says:

    my nomination is :

    http://karasutrareviews.com/ Kara Surta’s Sex ed 102 has changed my life completely

  54. Anastasia says:

    My nominees are the following:
    Domme Chronicles http://www.domme-chronicles.com
    Dumb Domme http://dumbdomme.com
    Mystic’s Mind Fuck http://mysticsmindfuck.com

  55. Denise says:

    My Favorite couples blogs to get hot sex tips is the couple sextest, at http://sextest.us make this my nomination. Dee

  56. Hyacinth says:

    I’m kind of embarrassed to have so many that I really enjoy, but, oh well!

    Best of luck to everyone out there! xx Hy

    HH and Lo at http://mysexlifewithlola.com

    Fatal of http://yougotomyhead.wordpress.com

    Z at http://perverticallyvirtuous.com

    G at http://filledandfooled.wordpress.com

    Cara at http://closed2wordpress.com

    Caitlyn from http://lovesexandmarriage.wordpress.com/

    And MariMar from http://unravelingmarimar.wordpress.com/

    Ferns at http://www.domme-chronicles.com By the incredibly lovely Ferns.

    Dumb Domme at http://dumbdomme.com

    Penny from http://pennysdirtythoughts.com

    Lady Pandorah from http://ladypandorah.com/

    Jilly Boyd from http://barenakedlady.wordpress.com

    Innocent Lover Boy from http://innocentloverboy.blogspot.co.uk

    Emma Whispers at http://dirtylittlewhispers.com

    Girl on the Net at http://girlonthenet.com

    Marian at http://creativenoodling.wordpress.com
    Hyacinth recently posted..Friday, August 30th, is Boobday!My Profile

  57. G says:

    I have such a hard time narrowing it down, but my nominations are:

    A Dissolute Life Means

    Cara Thereon

    Off Goes the Panties

    A True Unfolding

    Creative Noodling

    Stories from a man’s abyss


    Diary Incarnate

    Love Sex and Marriage

    You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain


    My Sex Life with Lola

    and last but certainly not least:

    Pervertically Virtuous

    Thank you for turning me on to so many amazing blogs last year!!
    G recently posted..TMI Tuesday – Porn, Orgasms, and CheatingMy Profile

  58. DirtyGirl says:

    Hyacinth at http://adissolutelifemeans.com. She is fantastic!!

  59. Camryn says:

    I’d like to nominate these blogs. In alphabetical order:

    Beck and Her Kinks http://beckandherkinks.com/
    Dangerous Lilly http://dangerouslilly.com/
    Deviant Dildos http://deviantdildos.com/
    Kink Ect http://kinketc.com/
    Insatiable Desire http://www.insatiabledesire.com/
    Lorax of Sex http://loraxofsex.com/
    Mr. Will’s House of Thrills http://www.mrwillshouseofthrills.com/
    Of Sex And Love http://ofsexandlove.com/
    Penny for your (Dirty) Thoughts http://pennysdirtythoughts.com/
    Purrversatility http://kittystryker.com/
    Ruffled Sheets http://ruffledsheets.com/
    Sex-ational http://sex-ational.com/
    The Sin Doll http://thesindoll.com/

  60. Sweet Willow says:

    I would like to nominate: http://adissolutelifemeans.com

  61. Neophyte says:

    My favorites are:

    Peroxide (submissiveinseattle.com)
    Ferns (domme-chronicles.com)
    Dumb Domme (dumbdomme.com)

    All three of them provide different, useful insights and perspectives on femdom relationships: Peroxide as a submissive man, Dumb Domme as a dominant woman navigating her first F/m relationship, and Ferns as a dominant woman who has more experience in the lifestyle.

  62. SouthernSir says:

    A Sexual Being: kaylalaords.com

    Adventures of a Word Wytch: http://wordwytch.wordpress.com/

    VanillaMom’s Blog: http://vanillamom.wordpress.com/

    Love Hate Sex Cake: http://lovehatesexcake.com/
    SouthernSir recently posted..A Question About Sub-Drop and PunishmentMy Profile

  63. SouthernSir says:

    A Sexual Being: kaylalords.com
    SouthernSir recently posted..A Question About Sub-Drop and PunishmentMy Profile

  64. Sammi says:

    I’d like to nominate:

    Insatiable Desire http://www.insatiabledesire.com/
    Kinky and Poly http://kinkyandpoly.com
    The Sin Doll http://thesindoll.com
    Molly’s Daily Kiss http://mollysdailykiss.com/
    Sammi recently posted..TMI Tuesday: Do you wanna ride?My Profile



  66. Tomise says:

    Angela Porter Taylor aka JeweledAngel37  http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

  67. Tomise says:

    My favorite blogger
    Tyreonne Hsl Gainez  - http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

  68. Nock Owt says:

    My favorite bloggers
    Angela Porter Taylor aka JeweledAngel37  http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com
    Tyronne Hsl Gainez  - http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com

  69. Liz Nume says:

    I would like to nominate http://funwithsammi.com/

  70. Anon Aussie says:

    Some faves

    A dissolute life means- http://adissolutelifemeans.com/
    Dumbe Domme – http://dumbdomme.com/
    Stories from a man’s abyss – http://stareintotheabyss.wordpress.com/
    Ssn713′s Blog – http://ssn713.wordpress.com/

  71. Anna Moore says:

    Two great blogs that I love to follow are:

    Angela Porter Taylor aka JeweledAngel37 http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

    Tyronne Hsl Gainez – http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

    They are very informative and have great insight on the Lifestyle.

  72. Jennanotjameson says:

    Angela Porter Taylor aka JeweledAngel37 http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/


    Tyronne Hsl Gainez – http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

  73. Ben J. says:

    Domme chronicles by my friend Ferns!

  74. Cheeky Minx says:

    I nominate Easily Aroused: http://www.easilyaroused.co.uk/

    An incomparable talent whose work continues to be the benchmark for decadently lustful and achingly sensual erotic literature…
    Cheeky Minx recently posted..In SoftnessMy Profile

  75. Rose says:

    I would like to nominate:

    Rebel from http://www.rebelsnotes.com

    Bunny from http://spacebunnykink.net/

    And last but not least Pandorah from http://ladypandorah.com/
    Rose recently posted..Wicked Wednesday: Thinking about youMy Profile

  76. Ken says:

    My nomination is Nicole Daedone’s blog: http://nicoledaedone.com
    Ken recently posted..(Re)Defining OrgasmMy Profile

  77. Rossie says:

    My favorite blogger is “Sammi” at http://funwithsammi.com/

  78. Franco Bolli says:

    Without any shadow of a doubt
    kaylalords.com -> A Sexual Being
    Not only because I enjoy her blog, also because it is very well written too.

    As a runner up I would like to add
    Her blog is interesting, funny and heartwarming.

    Franco Bolli recently posted..A simple love poem by Princess #ASMSG #BDSM #poetryMy Profile

  79. Angel says:

    my nomination is marie rebelle http://rebelsnotes.com/ I’ve been reading her for a long time and love her completely!

  80. Molly says:

    My list so far…. yes there maybe more… is as follows

    A Slut’s Memoir – http://aslutsmemoir.com/

    Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts – http://pennysdirtythoughts.com/

    The Big Ugly – http://www.biguglypix.com/

    Rebel’s Notes – http://rebelsnotes.com/

    Kink and Poly – http://kinkandpoly.com/

    Shelby Cross – http://shelbycrosswriter.blogspot.co.uk/

    Curvacaceous Dee – http://curvaceousdee.com/

    Vagina Antics – http://vaginaantics.com/

    My dissolute Life – http://mydissolutelife.com/

    A Dissolute Life Means – http://adissolutelifemeans.com/

    The erotic Writer – http://eroticwriter.wordpress.com/

    Malflic – http://malflic.com/
    Molly recently posted..A Beautiful MindMy Profile

  81. Molly says:

    Opps and another one…

    Behind The chintz Curtain – http://behindthechintzcurtain.com/

    Molly recently posted..A Beautiful MindMy Profile

  82. AC says:

    I nominate: http://www.GuysKeepScore.com

    GuysKeepScore.com has gamified people’s sex life.

  83. Molly says:

    Bored of my yet? I forgot

    Dumb Domme – http://dumbdomme.com/

    Molly recently posted..A Beautiful MindMy Profile

  84. Garrett says:

    Monogamyparadigm.blogspot.com !!

  85. Xero Ankh says:

    I nominate suggestivetongue.com

  86. Hyacinth says:

    And two more! How could I possibly forget both of these wonderful writers??

    Theo – http://theoblack.wordpress.com/


    JK – http://stareintotheabyss.wordpress.com/
    Hyacinth recently posted..I’d like to be a Top Sex Blogger of 2013.My Profile

  87. Shaping_Thoughts says:

    I nominate Emma over at http://dirtylittlewhispers.com

  88. I’d like to vote for:

    The Sub Mission: http://the-sub-mission.com/

    jenpet: http://rolesdefiningrules.blogspot.ca/

    kaya: http://underhishand.com/

    Thank you!

    padme amidala from JTTDS
    padme amidala recently posted..Nominations for Top Sex Bloggers 2013My Profile

  89. Heath says:

    Since I’m new to this I only have one nomination but it’s a good one:


    Venice and Ryan provide great information and are very open about their mutual experiences. I enjoy reading it immensely.

  90. Beck – Beck and Her Kinks: beckandherkinks.com
    Penny- http://pennysdirtythoughts.com/

  91. nilla says:

    gosh to narrow it to three seems cruel. Are you sure you don’t have a bit of domme lurking inside?

    One of my new fav’s can’t make the list coz she’s so new, but a shout out to Beatrice Suffer’s Pain @ blogspot…

    Okay, my nominees are: Jz at http://areluctantbitch.blogspot.com

    Will, Monocle, and Ximena at Erotic Writers http://erotictwriter.wordpress.com

    wordwytch at http://wordwytch.wordpress.com/
    nilla recently posted..HNT ~ CampingMy Profile

  92. Toobe says:

    An excellent blog of a dominant woman:
    Domme Chronicles http://www.domme-chronicles.com/

  93. Billy says:

    One I would like to nominate is MariMar http://unravelingmarimar.wordpress.com/
    Billy recently posted..Change in plansMy Profile

  94. ladypandorah says:

    My nominations this year – A few regular, firm favourites as well as a couple of new additions:

    Jilly Boyd at http://barenakedlady.wordpress.com
    Innocent Loverboy at http://innocentloverboy.blogspot.com
    Blacksilk at http://beingblacksilk.com
    Girl on the Net at http://girlonthenet.com
    Rose at http://sexwithrose.com
    Dirty Little Whispers at http://dirtylittlewhispers.com
    Mia at http://littlegirllost.net
    Babefiend at http://babefiend.com
    Rebel at http://rebelsnotes.com
    John D at http://johndstories.co.uk

    And I may be back if I’ve momentarily forgotten anyone!

    Good luck to all nominated xo
    ladypandorah recently posted..Coffee Table Kink – Lelo Tiani 2 ReviewMy Profile

  95. Flip says:

    Rebelsnotes.com would be my nomination.

    Flip x
    Flip recently posted..Sinful Sunday: LingerieMy Profile

  96. Lovekink says:

    I would like to nominate some of my favorites!

    Beck – http://beckandherkinks.com/

    Silverdrop – http://silverdropstoybox.com/

    Sindoll – http://thesindoll.com/

    Hey Epiphora – http://heyepiphora.com

  97. Nate says:

    I nominate Emma’s Montreal lifestyle blog: http://emmanuelleundine.blogspot.ca

  98. MAB says:

    I nominate the best … Emmanuelle Undine http://emmanuelleundine.blogspot.ca
    MAB recently posted..vote for me!My Profile

  99. Have been reading Ferns for years now. Her blogs range from gut wrenchingly erotic to whimsical to savagely personal. A must read at least once a week.

  100. Master Bruce says:

    I would like to nominate the ultimate sexblog;

    marie rebelle http://rebelsnotes.com/

  101. I have two nominees. Cara Thereon and A Dissolute Life.

  102. Spanky says:

    I nominate Conina at Surrender
    Spanky recently posted..Brightest Bottoms of the Week #2My Profile

  103. Carlie says:

    My favourite sex blog is A Siren Laid Bare: http://emmanuelleundine.blogspot.ca

  104. PC says:

    Can I nominate my lover’s blog? :)


  105. G says:

    One more that I meant to mention as a favorite — her writing is beautiful.:

    Alice Thierry at http://pivoine68.wordpress.com/
    G recently posted..Peek-a-booMy Profile

  106. TJ says:

    My nominations are:

    Stranded in Toronto – http://www.strandedintoronto.com/

    Rebel’s Notes – http://rebelsnotes.com/

    The Taming of L – http://tamingofl.blogspot.ca/

    A Faded Romantic’s Notebook – http://afadedromantic.wordpress.com/

  107. So many that I love are already here so I’m going with one that I don’t see up here yet-

    Lady Cheeky – http://www.SmutforSmarties.com

  108. Jay says:

    LTASex.info is fun, fresh, and informative, I nominate Jerome!

  109. MaríMar says:

    I nominate:

    Stories from a Man’s Abyss (JK)

    I’ll be back for more. :-)
    MaríMar recently posted..The joy of being a submissiveMy Profile

  110. slapshot says:

    I would also like to nominate mystic’s Mindfuck, for a well written, and interesting look at D/s from a lesbian submissive perspective.


  111. Beck says:

    I’d like to add Thoughts of a Growing Sub – http://thoughtsofagrowingsub.com/ which was previously a blogger blog until the changes.
    Beck recently posted..Sinful Sunday – Just BreatheMy Profile

  112. These are my nominations – it’s always fun putting these together, and seeing the new (and familiar) names that others have nominated, as well!

    (My thanks to those who have nominated me – it’s much appreciated :) )

    Nominated alphabetically.

    ~ Charlie Glickman from Charlie Glickman: educational with a personal touch, Charlie is always learning more about himself, not to mention sharing about sexuality in general.

    ~ Erika Moen from Oh Joy, Sex Toy: thoroughly informative, hilarious to read, and awesome art to boot!

    ~ GotN from <a href="http://www.girlonthenet.com/"Girl on the Net: a blog that’s a must read, although GotN is all words all the time. Honest and blunt.

    ~ Jade from Kink and Poly: whose submission and outdoor photographs always gives me something to aim towards!

    ~ KaziG from Dragon’s Kink: always amazing Scavenger Hunt images; not to mention amazing domination of a beautiful male sub.

    ~ Mollena from The Perverted Negress: her openness and her attitude continually inspires me.

    ~ Penny from Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts: this blog has grown so much over the last year. If you’re not reading Penny’s blog you need to be!

    ~ pureliquidkink from Pure Liquid Kink: hot male submission, written beautifully. I love his perspective.

    ~ Shon Richards from Erotiterrorist: without fail, erotica which turns me on, gets me off, and gets me writing!

    xx Dee

  113. nzrubber says:

    Just one nominations from me:

    Curvaceous Dee http://curvaceousdee.com/

  114. Lady Cheeky says:

    I nominate the amazing and talented Redhead Bedhead http://www.redheadBedhead.com
    Lady Cheeky recently posted..sallygifs:My Profile

  115. Sweets says:

    I’d also like to nominate:

    Modesty Ablaze

  116. Caitlin says:

    Some favorites:

    Hey Epiphora http://www.heyepiphora.com/
    Lorax of Sex http://www.http://loraxofsex.com/
    Sugarcunt http://www.sugarcuntwrites.com/
    Marvelous Darling (represent!) http://marvelous-darling.com/
    Erika Moen http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/
    OGLAF http://oglaf.com/
    Lori Adorable http://loriadorable.tumblr.com/
    Danny Wylde http://trvewestcoastfiction.blogspot.com/

    I’ve seen a few people nominate me- in case it isn’t obvious, I started my blogger back in November last year, but moved over to a website in June or late May.
    Caitlin recently posted..New Kinkly Article: 10 Basic Sex ToysMy Profile

  117. I need to throw my few cents in here…

    I also agree with the previous nominations of…

    G http://filledandfooled.wordpress.com/

    Jayne http://jayneayres.wordpress.com/

    Kayla http://kaylalords.com/

    MariMar http://unravelingmarimar.wordpress.com/

    And I would like to add one more…

    CJ Riordan http://cliteraryreview.com/

    ALL deserving of the list!

  118. LoriandHubby says:

    Another wonderful Blogger that I love to read… Sex in Words http://sex-in-words.blogspot.com/
    LoriandHubby recently posted..HedoVibes Round Up #7My Profile

  119. Sheilanova says:


  120. socialdir399 says:

    I nominate one of my fave girls!

  121. Dzanda says:

    Please consider my nomination of Camille Crimson’s “The Art of Blowjob” blog!

    The link is: http://camillecrimson.com/blog/

    Camille’s blog is not limited to its namesake, the blowjob. Rather, she touches on all sorts of topics including food, drink, relationships, the porn industry, ethics, and of course sex and blowjobs in particular. The blog is sexy, fun, very interactive, educational; and did I mention sexy?!?

  122. Sir Jaqe says:

    I nominate the Perverted Negress – http://www.mollena.com/

  123. Hands down, the best bloggers of 2013 are Nikki Blue and Heather Cole over at http://www.vaginaantics.com

  124. Simon says:

    I nominate http://www.mollena.com

    The Perverted Negress is funny, brilliant and moving, often all at the same time. Mollena’s writing has touched me often and the topics to which her dazzling intellect are drawn are always interesting, even (or particularly) if they are outside my experience. I’d love to see many more people exposed to The Perverted Negress. If you read this and you haven’t checked it out, do yourself a favor and zip over to http://www.mollena.com.

  125. Kili says:

    The Perverted Negress Mollena!! http://www.mollena.com/blog/
    Kili recently posted..*snores*My Profile

  126. Stewart Wade says:

    I nominate Jason Stotts of Erosophia.

  127. Dan Edge says:

    I nominate Erosophia:


    A collection of brilliant, philosophical posts on superfreak.

    –Dan Edge

  128. Brabblings says:

    I want to nominate http://rebelsnotes.com

  129. Raven says:

    I want to nominate

    Nikki Blue and Heather Cole at http://vaginaantics.com/

    DumdDomme at http://dumbdomme.com/


    Ferns at http://www.domme-chronicles.com/

    They are all great!

  130. Joe Bloom says:

    Erosophia by Jason Stotts

  131. i would like to nominate:
    Kitty at http://the-sub-mission.com/
    Bre at http://ownedcollaredloved.com/
    Anastassia at diaryofanownedslave.com/

    Thank you, thank you for the nominations!! MD’s treasure
    Master Dream’s precious treasure recently posted..Vacation Fun!My Profile

  132. Ohh . . . so many to think of that I can’t do without.

    In no particular order . . . and I’m sure I’ll be back !!!











    . . . just so many I keep finding myself going back to regularly for fun, motivation, education, stimulation . . . !!!

    Xxx – K
    Modesty Ablaze recently posted..Top 100 Sex Blogger nominations are open for this yearMy Profile

  133. This is hard, as I have so many blogs I consider my favorites!

    These are in no particular order.

    Rayne @ http://www.insatiabledesire.com/

    She’s truly amazing, and I just eat up everything she writes. She is so sassy, funny, and honest. Her reviews are great, but I think my favorite thing I like about her blog is just her babble. She’s also extremely helpful. Even reading her tweets is highly entertaining to me.

    Beck @ http://beckandherkinks.com/

    Beck is dark, deep, and sexy. Her blog is where I go when I’m looking for something arousing and down right dirty. Her reviews are thorough and honest. I can always count on them to give me the information I need. She also posts very frequently, so there is never a shortage of lovely words to eat up.

    Gritty Woman @ http://grittywoman.co.uk/

    The stuff I’ve said about Rayne and Beck’s writing is just as true for this lovely lady! Her reviews are some of my favorite. They’re so thorough, honest, and keep me coming back. Her pictures are stunning as well. She is so helpful and her guides are so great.

    Rei @ http://thoughtsofagrowingsub.com/

    I’ve recently started reading her blog, and I adore her so much! I feel you can really catch a glimpse at who she is through her writing. Often times I feel I don’t see enough of someone on their blog! She is super sweet, and helpful as well.

    Sin Doll @ http://thesindoll.com/

    She has a way with words. Some sexy pictures, writing, and her snark is fucking amazing. Sex blogging world wouldn’t be complete without her!

    Emma @ http://www.dirtylittlewhispers.com/

    I love Emma! her pictures are really a treat for the eyes. Her reviews are super easy to read and thorough, and I often feel as if I can relate to her as a person.
    ShadowedSeductress recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Spreading CheerMy Profile

  134. Peter P says:

    I nominate one of the hottest women on the net — hardbodylover, a gorgeous true nymphoslut

  135. nilla says:

    First…rori! I have NO idea how you sort all these out. I’m feeling overwhelmed empathy for you. :)

    Second…I just re-read your rules and want to nominate two folks who I think really should be on the list.

    Sofia at http://inlovingsubmission.wordpress.com
    Beatrice at http://beatricesufferlove.blogspot.com would both qualify under rule 6. (throwing confetti!)

    And if I said this one twice it’s only because she’s just that good. :) Jz at http://areluctantbitch.blogspot.com


    nilla recently posted..Sweet Sexy AnticipationMy Profile

  136. I have been thinking about my nominations for so long now and have decided to just put what I have now out there so I don’t forget. I will be back with more…

    The very first one I would have nominated, is Molly, but since her blog has been retired from the list, please find my list of nominations below in alphabetical order ;)











    There will be more….

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted..40 orgasms; 45 minutesMy Profile

  137. TripX says:

    I would like to nominate Panty Parade / http://offgothepanties.com

  138. NrvDom says:

    I nominate Lori at http://www.kinketc.com/. Not only can she write a thorough blog on a topic she also posts photos to help you see exactly what she is trying to teach you!
    NrvDom recently posted..Hand Crafted Bondage Rope – Knot Knormal Jute Rope ReviewMy Profile

  139. I’m for Paltego’s site at http://www.femdom-resource.com

    An excellent site with thoughtful articles, great pics, and useful links to the best femdom sites.

  140. BRAD_Respawn says:

    These are my picks:

    Erika Szabo and her team of bloggers at http://xoxoamore.com/
    Jon Pressick at http://sex-in-words.blogspot.ca/

    They are both awesome blogs by awesome people!

  141. scott bordas says:

    I want to nominate/Vote for

    XOXOAmore a toronto Sex-Positive blog. A great read especially if you are in the Toronto Area

    All the Bloggers there so a wicked job in their reviews of toys, New ideas for spicing up your life and awesome places to visit in the Toronto Area Check them out guys!


  142. Alex says:

    Because so much variety and loveliness!

  143. Erika Szabo says:

    As a sex blogger myself, I get inspiration from many different sex blogs, my favs being:




    Each of these bloggers is passionate about sexuality in their own unique way and talk about it in a fun, educational manner. I find them all so uplifting and a big influence on my sex blog as well.
    Erika Szabo recently posted..Kara’s Questions: What Turns You On?My Profile

  144. Bill says:

    And I would like to add one more…

    the couples sextest http://sextest.us

  145. Zhym54 says:

    I am proud to nominate “MRS. KELLY’S PLAYHOUSE” at http://mrsemmakelly.com. It is a cornucopia of information on the cuckold lifestyle and is very well written.

  146. Kim Mayweather says:

    I nominate Mrs. Kelly’s playhouse!


  147. Miss Margo says:

    Hi! I’d like to nominate blogger paltego, whose website is


  148. Marshall Sherman says:

    I’d like to nominate Mrs.Kelly’s Playhouse.com

    It’s a wonderful bog with great photos.

  149. kitten says:

    I always come back to Journey to the Dark Side. Entertaining, sexy and real.

  150. I’m against censorship of any kind. Readers can determine, by themselves, what they like or don’t like, what is acceptable or not, what is pornographic or not. In my mind pornography is just badly written sex scenes. I like to be the judge of what is badly written or not.

    I’ve been a friend to many strippers and prostitutes and found them to be the nicest people.

    My vote goes to:
    Panty Parade / http://offgothepanties.com

    Dennis Cardiff recently posted..SeizuresMy Profile

  151. My favorites are:

    Panty Parade at http://offgothepanties.com

    G at http://filledandfooled.wordpress.com

    Jill at http://nakedallthetime.com

    Hy at http://adissolutelifemeans.com

    NLikes at http://mydissolutelife.com

    There’s more for sure, but these are the first that come to mind.
    Pervertically Virtuous recently posted..Summer Update: What to Look Forward toMy Profile

  152. Sally S says:

    My nomination is -

    Modesty Ablaze – http://modestyablaze.com/

  153. I vote for Hyacinth at http://adissolutelifemeans.com. I wasn’t going to vote at all because it’s too difficult narrowing down the list of bloggers I love…

    Hy for President!

  154. Mollena says:

    THANK YOU to all of the folks who took the time to come on over and put my name in the running!

    I have seen so many nominations and don’t think I need to repeat but I have NOT seen Andrea Zanin mentioned and she is an AMAZING resource, educator,writer, pundit and kicker of ass. Her blog is http://sexgeek.wordpress.com and is one of my go-to places when I need my brain refreshed.
    Mollena recently posted..In the top 3 for e-Lust’s 50th!My Profile

  155. Chris says:

    My vote’s for Emmanuelle @ http://emmanuelleundine.blogspot.ca

    But thanks to all the other commenters, I’m finding some other blogs to check out!

  156. She Lover says:

    My nomination is Modesty Ablaze xxxxxx

  157. K. Cass says:

    My vote for the NUMBER ONE SEX BLOG for sex education, mixed with fantastic entertainment (drum roll please)

    Catherine Toyooka’s – Sex Spoken Here: Secrets of a Sexuality Educator

    AND, she teaches live classes alllll over the USA, even Harvard!

  158. My nominations are for

    Joan Price. http://betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.com/
    I adore her and her writing. You really get a sense that you know her because she is strong yet vulnerable at the same ime.

    Sunny Megatron. http://www.sunnymegatron.com/
    She’s single handedly taken the sex community by storm. She offers fantastic content.

  159. Laser Cats says:

    I nominate my favorite blog “Sex Spoken Here” by Catherine Toyooka
    She’s a sex educator whose blog is educational and highly entertaining…you kinda feel like you are talking to an old friend because her approach rocks.

  160. Hannah says:

    I am a huge fan of Joan Price’s sex & aging blog: http://www.NakedAtOurAge.com/. And I’m not even old enough to follow most of her advice yet! She’s good enough that she’s turned me into a “senior wannabe.”

  161. Lolli says:

    Jason Stotts for !! Erosophia !!

    Lolli xox

  162. Santiago says:

    I nominate Jason Stotts for his blog Erosophia (www.JasonStotts.com)

    Its the only sex blog I read with any consistency, because its the only one that holds my attention and is interesting so regularly.

  163. H.H. says:

    I first stumbled across the “Top Sex Bloggers” of Between My Sheets in 2011. I have to say, the nominations have really grown! It’s amazing. I’ve found a lot of people I otherwise would never see. Thanks for providing this forum. I have no idea how you’ll get through all of this by the New Year, but thanks for doing it.
    H.H. recently posted..The Cum-OnMy Profile

  164. Arti says:

    I’d like to nominate the following:


    Yay! Looking forward to this year’s list!
    Arti recently posted..This Year at TFWMy Profile

  165. E c says:

    I nominate Jason Stotts for his outstanding sexy blog Erosophia:

  166. Lorelei says:

    Thanks for the noms, everyone! I’d like to nominate http://monogamyparadigm.blogspot.com and thebeautifulkind.com
    Lorelei recently posted..OK, Final MessageMy Profile

  167. Cheeks says:

    “I would like to nominate http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/
    for Top Sex Bloggers nomination.”

  168. Elmar says:

    Joan Price’s sex & aging blog: http://www.NakedAtOurAge.com

  169. K Meredith says:

    I nominate Jason Stotts for his blog Erosophia!! http://www.jasonstotts.com

  170. Jan Hansen says:

    I nominate pennysdirtythoughts.com

  171. Curtis Moore says:

    My vote goes to Blog.catherinecoaches.com or sex spoken here.

    I don’t keep up with many blogs but I definitely check hers regularly send find myself sending links to my friends. Some of the stuff she writes about is hilarious but also educational.

  172. Joan Price says:

    Here are some of the sex bloggers I enjoy most:

    Dan Savage – Savage Love – http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/SavageLove?oid=17780040.

    Charlie Glickman – http://www.charlieglickman.com/

    Epiphora – Hey Epiphora – http://www.heyepiphora.com/

    Dangerous Lilly – http://dangerouslilly.com/

    Catherine Toyooka – “Sex Spoken Here” – http://blog.catherinecoaches.com/

    Jon Pressick – Sex in Words – http://sex-in-words.blogspot.ca/

    Violet Blue – http://www.tinynibbles.com/

    Jamye Waxman – http://jamyewaxman.com/blog

    Scarleteen – http://www.scarleteen.com/
    Joan Price recently posted..Your Best Senior Sex Tip?My Profile

  173. Ryan says:

    “I nominate Jason Stotts for his blog Erosophia (www.JasonStotts.com)”

  174. Josh W says:

    I Nominate Catherine’s blog (www.blog.catherinecoaches.com) Sex Spoken Here because it’s smart, I learn stuff, and funny!

  175. Ivan says:

    Catherine’s blog is great and you can even download an enormous free chart on sexual desire.
    Sex Spoken Here

  176. Jane says:

    Vote me for Sexy Sarah at the couples sextest. she’s full of hot sex tips that always get us off. http://sextest.us
    Jane recently posted..Top Sex Bloggers 2013!My Profile

  177. Tamara says:

    I highly nominate http://www.catherinecoaches.com. Her blog (sex spoken here) is always informative and it actually has original content. She’s the real deal.

  178. Jonathan says:

    I would like to vote for sex spoken here. Her posts are a quick read but chok filled with info. It’s also fun to read.


  179. Cheeky Minx says:

    In no particular order, I would also like to nominate the gloriously sexy…

    Lady Dragonfly: http://miladydragonfly.wordpress.com/

    Southern Sir, Southern Sir’s Place: http://southernsirsplace.com/

    diirrty, breviloquence {érotique}: http://diirrty.wordpress.com/

    Both Hands Please: http://bothhandsplease.blogspot.com

    Violet and Rye, Uncommon Appetites: http://uncommonappetites.blogspot.com
    Cheeky Minx recently posted..Word of MouthMy Profile

  180. Jayne Ayres says:

    This was very very hard and I’d list too many so I’m forcing myself to pick one blog. One blog that would do it for me every damn timeno matter what kind of appetite I have.
    It would be The Wistful Sinner at http://thewistfulsinner.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/slicks/
    This post is just a sample. Enjoy!

  181. Ali says:

    Beck and her Kinks – http://beckandherkinks.com/
    Boobaloo’s Reviews – http://boobaloosreviews.com/
    Cara Sutra – http://carasutra.co.uk/
    Dangerous Lilly – http://dangerouslilly.com/
    Gritty Woman – http://grittywoman.co.uk/
    Hey Epiphora – http://www.heyepiphora.com/
    House of Hellkat – http://houseofhellkat.com/
    Incendiaire’s Reviews – http://incendiaire-reviews.blogspot.co.uk/
    Kink, etc… – http://kinketc.com/
    Midnight Boudoir – http://www.midnightboudoir.org/
    Naughty Reenie – http://www.naughtyreenie.com/
    Nymphomaniac Ness – http://nymphomaniacness.com/
    Oh Joy Sex Toy – http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/
    Property of Potter – http://propertyofpotter.com/
    Ruffled Sheets – http://ruffledsheets.com/
    Shadowed Seductress – http://www.shadowedseductress.com/
    Silverdrop’s Toy Box – http://silverdropstoybox.com/
    TravelNurse ToyBox – http://travelnursetoybox.blogspot.co.uk/
    True Pleasures – http://truepleasuresreviews.com/
    Ali recently posted..Angel Long Male MasturbatorMy Profile

  182. Bellz says:

    “I would like to nominate Angela Porter Taylor aka JeweledAngel37 -blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com”

  183. Bellz says:

    I would like to nominate Tyronne Hsl Gainez – http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

  184. Ring'Muh Bellz says:

    “I would like to nominate Angela Porter Taylor aka JeweledAngel37 -blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com”

    and Tyronne Hsl Gainez – http://blog.hedoswinglifestylers.com/

    Two of the greatest writers/bloggers I know! ;d

  185. M Lily says:

    My nomination:

    Marie Rebelle http://rebelsnotes.com

    Good luck.Love to read your blog
    M Lily recently posted..DanceMy Profile

  186. JD says:

    I’d like to nominate Sex Spoken Here, the blog of Catherine Toyooka. Great content & fun to read!


  187. Sophia says:

    My personal vote for a sexy blogger is Catherine Toyooka.

    Sex Spoken Here http://www.blog.catherinecoaches.com is consistently great.

  188. She Lover says:

    Fantastic diaries …. Xxxxxx

  189. Sweets says:

    I nominate Scarlett of A True Unfolding

  190. Eric says:

    My vote for one of the best sex blogs out there is ‘Sex Spoken Here’.
    Maybe it’s because I know her in real life, but her blog reads like she is having a conversation with you. In other words, she writes just like she talks.

  191. Cassy Pool says:

    Catherine is great! Love her stuff! She speaks the truth!

  192. As you would expect, it has to be Yummy/Heelsnstocking for me as she is such an exciting girl to go on a sexual adventure with!!!
    Your Secret Lover recently posted..Awesome video in breast cancerMy Profile

  193. nilla says:


    I’m not sure if I nominated them waaaay up there (points to top of the unbelievable listing here) but I cannot forget to nominate the three writers over at erotic writer. I’d rather nominate them twice than nonce. :)


    (Every year it seems that this list gets longer…I have NO idea how you compile this…but mega kudos!)

    nilla recently posted..Slut on Call (3)My Profile

  194. Laura says:

    I should be getting ready for an appointment in half an hour. But, here I am, after reading your email about the last days to send in recommendations. My list didn’t show up the first time I posted it, so trying once more before I have to head out hte door.












    Laura recently posted..How and in what way do you exert your control?My Profile

  195. David says:

    I nominate Sex Spoken Here by my brother’s awesome BFF Catherine Toyoooka. Wishing you all the best. Hope to meet you in person one day

    David recently posted..Keeping Up with Catherine–I’m Freaking Turning 42My Profile

  196. nitebyrd says:

    I’d like to nominate the beautiful Yummy from Sexual Adventures of A Married Woman!

    nitebyrd recently posted..Fear and loathing by this VirgoMy Profile

  197. Graytech says:

    I nominate Ruby Ryder at Pegging Paradise.


  198. charlie says:

    I nominate Pegging Parad

  199. charlie says:

    I nominate peggingparadise.com!

  200. I nominate the following site, because so much variety and loveliness ;-)


    Read it and love it !
    Liveadarklife recently posted..Introducing and Promoting AuthorsMy Profile

  201. StrangeQuark88 says:

    I nominate my good and sexy friend


  202. Heelsnstocking says:

    Apologies if this ends up duplicated, I thought i had done my list a few days ago but hasn’t shown up so here it is again:

    A few of my favourites I adore reading:








    I could go on for ages so many great blogs out there and I’m enjoying discovering more that have been nominated.

    Yummy x

  203. Mac guy says:

    K & J put out the most insightful and thought provoking material on the challenges of open relationships and polyamorous living.
    Mac guy recently posted..Social Justice, Polyamory, and DancingMy Profile

  204. Kelly says:

    I would like to nominate Jason Stotts over at Erosophia (www.JasonStotts.com). I love his intellectual approach to sexual ethics!

  205. Redheadreed says:

    Love reading Nikki and Heather’s posts. they get my vote!

  206. Sascha says:

    I’d like to nominate Jason Stotts of Erosophia: http://www.JasonStotts.com

  207. Christine h says:

    i nominate Jason Stotts erosophia!

  208. shelly heflin says:

    I nominate jason stotts for ” Erosophia” http://www.jasonstotts.com

  209. laf0rge says:

    I nominate Jason Stotts for his blog Erosophia (http://jasonstotts.com/)

  210. heksje says:

    I nominate Marie Rebelle, http://www.rebelsnotes.com
    Love her site! :D

  211. A.S. says:

    I nominate:

  212. Julio says:

    I vote for sex spoken here by Catherine. She truly is unique and is a friend to gays, straights, and trans folk alike. I get a kick out of how much she loves to talk about all things anal!

  213. William says:

    Jason Stotts for Erosophia (http://jasonstotts.com/)

  214. rtr says:

    “Joan Price’s sex & aging blog:

  215. G says:

    I had forgotten one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs: http://thewistfulsinner.wordpress.com/

  216. Bisensual says:

    We want to nominate Yummy from http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com

    Her blog is an eye opening, deeply honest read about her extramarital adventure and swinging.

  217. Penny says:

    Sorry to get these in so late! Here are some of my faves:

    Epiphora http://heyepiphora.com/
    Dangerous Lilly http://dangerouslilly.com/
    Dee http://curvaceousdee.com/
    Andy http://ruffledsheets.com
    Lauralyn http://biguglypix.com
    Hyacinth http://adissolutelifemeans.com
    Rebel’s Notes http://rebelsnotes.com/
    Grey Mia http://littlegirllost.net
    And of course Molly would be on here is she wasn’t retired from the list. :)
    Penny recently posted..2nd Blogiversary Celebration and GiveawayMy Profile

  218. J says:

    Ruby is the most knowledgeable, passionate, and devoted expert in the field of pegging and the related relationships that develop as a result of pegging. More than simply readers she has “Followers”
    J recently posted..A Present From TantusMy Profile

  219. Downunder says:

    I know they have probably all been nominated already but these are my weekly must reads. Keep up the good work!





  220. Heather Cole says:

    Where to begin?! I’ve waited so long because I couldn’t decide. :) I nominate:

    Anna Sansom at Ladygarden Project http://www.ladygardenproject.com/
    Curvaceous Dee http://curvaceousdee.com/
    Ferns http://www.domme-chronicles.com/
    Hyacinth http://adissolutelifemeans.com/
    Dumb Domme http://dumbdomme.com/
    H.H. http://mysexlifewithlola.com/2013/09/masturbation-monday-get-ready-for-october/
    Heather Cole recently posted..A Coupla ThingsMy Profile

  221. J and D says:

    Here is our suggestion for Top Sex Blogger:


    It is luscious, extremely hot, well written, passionate and intelligent. Pure Bliss!


    The Hedonists
    J and D recently posted..LAST CALL: vote for us!My Profile

  222. laura says:

    My vote goes for Emmanuelle undine http://emmanuelleundine.blogespot.ca A Siren Laid Bare.

  223. Jenn says:

    I nominate Deviant Dyke DeDe for her sexy queer poetry and erotica.

    Jenn recently posted..Nominate Me!My Profile

  224. Herb Baker says:

    I nominate Vagina Antics – http://vaginaantics.com/

  225. Kim says:

    Correcting the web address for DeDe Delynn


  226. Daniel says:

    ruby ryder #1
    Daniel recently posted..A Present From TantusMy Profile

  227. Enigmale Lefron says:

    My nominations, in no particular order, are Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman, Vagina Antics and Evoe’s Whole Sex Blog.

  228. Sangsara says:

    Beck and her kinks
    Dangerous Lilly
    Kink etc
    Hey Epiphora
    Sex in words

  229. tracy says:

    I have to go with Vagina Antics

  230. Palm says:

    Did http://mysexlifewithlola.com/ make it into the nominations?


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