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    Read part one, Creamed, here. As I recounted the story of my mutual masturbation experience in college, his hand traveled farther up my leg, under my skirt, until his fingers were rubbing my pussy. He licked his lips, as I paused to take another sip of my rum and Coke. “So…did you fuck her?” he…

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    “You weren’t very…discerning…in college, were you?” I smiled coyly and sipped the last of my rum and coke through a straw. It was early, so the  restaurant and bar was still pretty empty, despite the dollar well drinks from 5 to 7. A few older men sat at the bar inside, but we were alone…

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    I usually don’t put disclaimers at the beginning of my posts because this entire site is about BDSM…but this is a pretty strong rape fantasy piece. If that kind of thing is a trigger for you, check out my other posts instead. And, of course, this is just a fantasy, everyone. Don’t kidnap and rape…

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    Rori's Story

    Submissive, The Second Time Around

    Cash is not my first dom. If you’re a long-time reader or have browsed through the archives here at Between My Sheets,  you’ve seen me talking about lots of different guys. I was a bit of a sub-slut for a while, and I don’t mean slut as a derogatory term. I had a lot of…

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    Introducing…365 Valentine

    You guys! I’m so excited to tell y’all about my brand new program, 365 Valentine! Basically, I wanted to create something that helps couples grow in their relationships. So many times, I get emails from my readers about failing relationships, and sometimes, I just can’t help, as much as I want to. I always think,…

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    Rori's Story

    Sex and Routines

    It started as no big deal, as something that we couldn’t control, as something we barely noticed. Due to Cash’s previous job, we spent a lot of time apart. Weeks, sometimes months. Even though we lived together, he was gone for so long that it often felt like I was living alone. We both counted…

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