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    Read part one, Creamed, here. As I recounted the story of my mutual masturbation experience in college, his hand traveled farther up my leg, under my skirt, until his fingers were rubbing my pussy. He licked his lips, as I paused to take another sip of my rum and Coke. “So…did you fuck her?” he…

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    “You weren’t very…discerning…in college, were you?” I smiled coyly and sipped the last of my rum and coke through a straw. It was early, so the  restaurant and bar was still pretty empty, despite the dollar well drinks from 5 to 7. A few older men sat at the bar inside, but we were alone…

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    I usually don’t put disclaimers at the beginning of my posts because this entire site is about BDSM…but this is a pretty strong rape fantasy piece. If that kind of thing is a trigger for you, check out my other posts instead. And, of course, this is just a fantasy, everyone. Don’t kidnap and rape…

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    Rori's Story

    I Have a Jealousy Problem

    Actually, I don’t know if jealousy is the right word, but that’s what I’m going with right now. In any case, I have a problem. I’ve talked about my feelings of jealousy surrounding relationships and why I could never be in a poly relationship, even though I understand the appeal. But I think my struggles…

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    The ONE SECRET to Making Any Relationship Better

    Every day, I see couples fighting. Not just disagreeing with one another, actually yelling and screaming. And yes, I see it. At the grocery store. At restaurants. Sometimes the yelling and screaming is muted to accommodate the public situation, so it’s more like snide remarks, passive aggressive comments, and annoyed glances, but dudes, you aren’t…

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    Masturbation Monday

    Masturbation Monday: #MyNameIs Edition

    What a whirl-wind week! I haven’t even started compiling the nominations for the 2014 Top Sex Blogger list yet, and I can already see from the comments that I have hundreds of nominations to go through. The more the merrier! I hope you stop by to add yours if you haven’t already. I also announced…

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