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    Read part one, Creamed, here. As I recounted the story of my mutual masturbation experience in college, his hand traveled farther up my leg, under my skirt, until his fingers were rubbing my pussy. He licked his lips, as I paused to take another sip of my rum and Coke. “So…did you fuck her?” he…

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    “You weren’t very…discerning…in college, were you?” I smiled coyly and sipped the last of my rum and coke through a straw. It was early, so the  restaurant and bar was still pretty empty, despite the dollar well drinks from 5 to 7. A few older men sat at the bar inside, but we were alone…

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    I usually don’t put disclaimers at the beginning of my posts because this entire site is about BDSM…but this is a pretty strong rape fantasy piece. If that kind of thing is a trigger for you, check out my other posts instead. And, of course, this is just a fantasy, everyone. Don’t kidnap and rape…

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    Rori's Story

    Red Velvet Cool Whip Crinkle Cookies

    And now for something completely different… Every year, Jz over at A Reluctant Bitch hosts the Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza. And every year, I miss it because I’m so busy with the Top Sex Bloggers list (which is coming in just a few days!). This year, I remembered to sign up! I have an…

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    Rori's Story

    Thanksgiving Chickens?

    Ugh, okay everyone, I have a very unsexy situation happening in my life right now and would love your advice! This week, I’m holding a Thanksgiving for people who do not have a place to go (friends who can’t get off work in time to travel far, students who aren’t going home, etc.). Originally, back…

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    Bad Girl Bloggers

    Some of you may have seen the Bad Girl Bloggers award going around, and I want to take a minute to say THANK YOU to Victoria from Sexual Destinies for naming me as “one of the original bad girls.” I do feel a bit like one of the OGs of the Sex Blogosphere. I have…

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    Spunky Pants

    I bounced on the bed next to Cash, who was reading. “Let’s have sex!” “Someone is certainly spunky tonight.” “I put on my spunky pants. They’re like bossy pants, but better.” “Maybe you should take those spunky pants off. They look better on the floor.” “Maybe you should help me.” I’m the sub in our…

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    How to Trick Guys into Thinking You’re Hot

    When I was in high school, I was painfully shy. Part of the reason was that I suffer from social anxiety, and part of the reason is that I grew up in a very small, rural community, so everyone was constantly talking about everyone else when all I wanted to do was melt into the…

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