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    “You weren’t very…discerning…in college, were you?” I smiled coyly and sipped the last of my rum and coke through a straw. It was early, so the  restaurant and bar was still pretty empty, despite the dollar well drinks from 5 to 7. A few older men sat at the bar inside, but we were alone…

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    I usually don’t put disclaimers at the beginning of my posts because this entire site is about BDSM…but this is a pretty strong rape fantasy piece. If that kind of thing is a trigger for you, check out my other posts instead. And, of course, this is just a fantasy, everyone. Don’t kidnap and rape…

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    Between My Cheeks


    I rolled on my side to spoon with Cash, playfully scuttling into his arms, grinding against his cock just ever so slightly with my ass. I giggled and flirted like a girl, pressing against him, still fully clothed. But not for long. His hands on my tits, his breathing heavy on my neck, his cock…

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    Nominations are Open: Sex Blogger Post of the Year

    Since 2008, I’ve been posting an annual list of Top Sex Bloggers. I’m super excited to open nominations for this list soon. Today, however, nominations are opening for a new, companion competition – Sex Blogger Post of the Year. This competition is open to EVERYONE, even if you just started your blog yesterday and even…

  • Masturbation Monday
    Masturbation Monday

    Masturbation Monday: Threesome Edition

    Okay, y’all, I had many good intentions of posting the nominations form for Sex Blogger Post of the Year, but there’s still a bug we’re working out of the system. I want to make sure that NO nominations get eaten by the Internet gremlins, so I’ll be posting it tomorrow instead. Tell your friends! And…

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    Sinful Sunday (PICTURES)

    Sinful Sunday: Girly Balls

    Okay, y’all, usually when I participate in Sinful Sunday, I take a brand new picture or post a picture that I’ve never posted before. But when I saw that the September prompt from Molly was “All About the Women,” I instantly thought of a picture that I posted here before as part of a ben-wa…

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    Nothing I could possible write today matches the eloquence and emotion what others have wrote today and every September 11 for the past 13 years. And yet, I’m compelled to reflect, to write. I’ve started and deleted this post a dozen times already, trying to find the right words. I’m not sure they’ll ever come…

  • bound in public

    I Love Anal – Does that Make Me Gay?

    This is one of the most common questions I get from men via email: I love anal sex/anal play. Does that mean I’m gay? How do I tell my wife/girlfriend? Today, it’s time to address that question here in the hopes that some of the people who are too shy to email me will find…

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